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Extremely intense world astrology prevails for November 2012. Mega change is guaranteed and inevitable. The statement “it’s over” would be a suiting theme as all structures and old adaptations are tested to the ‘nth’ degree.

Here are some details… 

The Scorpio / Pluto influence is intensely strong this month. Also, Saturn, north node, a solar eclipse with the new moon on 13th of November, as well as the Sun, Mercury and Venus for a good portion of the month, all in Scorpio. Mars will conjunct Scorpio’s ruler Pluto, at the same time the full moon / lunar eclipse prevails – November 28th (11 11).

The last week of November is very intense, as Mars will be in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, with the final widening Uranus square Pluto aspect. Mars when it forms major aspects brings intense physical matters and circumstances.

Venus in Libra will square Pluto at the start of the month, then move into Scorpio, and will conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, an intense period for  relationships, both on the personal and world stage. The demand to assume responsibility and to change, and deal with change, at the heart, is intense. The need to confront fear and contraction from intimacy and heartfelt relating is intensely emphasised. Being responsible for one’s fear is a strong message. The fear of depth, death, having and losing, is emphasised. “God is Calling in All Our Chips” (Jessa O’ My Heart, ‘The Will of God is the Obligation to Love’) is The Scribble to embrace.

As the earth lies between Venus and Mars, and they are both intensely aspected, we can expect a significant month. The north node in Scorpio will conjunct mercury in Scorpio mid month, bringing deep consideration about ‘where we are going’, and issues relating to life, death, sex, shared resources – including finances.

Scorpio is the sign of change – of ends and beginnings of death and rebirth. It brings forced endings, catharsis, surrender, letting go, and death. It brings awareness of the necessity to be, “On the Losing End”, and the strength to allow loss, transcendence, and cleansing; bringing new life – the phoenix rising from the ashes.

With mercury square neptune, at the beginning of the month, there is a focus on feeling and facing The Truth – including, and especially of The Mystery. Mercury and Jupiter in opposite signs (Gemini and Sagittarius) focuses on the imperative for Truth in information (media, education, religion, etc). This is reinforced by the lunar eclipse in Gemini on November 28th.
Duality (Gemini) needs integration with the bigger picture (Sagittarius). Becoming Conscious of the Unconscious is highlighted (Arranging 11 very supportive).

The mars conjunction in the later part of the month indicates radical change, and its square to Uranus and conjunction to Pluto indicates intense disruption and shake up, including in physical structures / systems (geographical, financial). Mars sextile its ruler Saturn (22nd – 28th) indicates that a very constructive, responsible, mature energy comes from the disruption and shift in the status quo. Making our way through this time demands we be the eye (calm) in the centre of the storm (Real Observation), in unity, not reactivity.

We recommend the continued use of your Astrology Wizard throughout this period.

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