November is the Month of Golden Manifestation – the manifestation of all that we require to support us in this Great Process of growth and transformation. The awakening to true manifestation is a significant realisation and all beings are ultimately given the opportunity to realise this gift of Divine Abundance! November Hermetic Year is a time to allow this true Manifesting Force through our entire psychophysical forms, igniting every chakra and nadi – the deep esoteric circuits of the body-mind, to allow much more energy than we may be allowing on a daily basis. The specially Alchymeic Energies chosen for November are designed to support every level of this growth and adaptation, allowing true conductivity of the Life-force and the unobstructed flow of abundant manifestation! May it be so!


Within The Alchymie of Creating the November Hermetic Year Wand Energy, A Divine Vision Appeared…
Held within the November Current is the recognition of ‘As above So below’, the gold of Divine Current invoked to be made manifest, so that all those who awaken to this grace will be supported for their standing in the Heart. May it be so. Wildfire Spins the Gold!



  • The Abundance Collection
  • Wild Fire Spins The Gold


  • Golden Ball Elixir
  • Golden Elixir Pendulum


  • The Manifesting Threshold Pack