Keys To Allowing Astrology To Become ‘TRANSFORMATIVE’

Each month, key features of Astrological influence are reflected to us. These are not only useful at the basic levels, in showing areas of our lives that we can improve, but also at a much greater spiritual level, in revealing a more direct, responsible way of living – that is more aligned to our Heart and our greater Human Potential. So Hermetic Astrology is primarily about helping focus this reflecting work, and helping us ‘get down to it’ – penetrate to a deeper level.

Here are some key areas within Octobers Astrology which we feel will most serve your awakening, adaptation and growth. Remember always, that getting the most transformation out of this Hermetic Astrology is best served by using the Astrology Wizard Wand. It’s transformative capacity is VAST, and can produce whole new levels of insight and powerful breakthroughs. We highly recommend the Astrology Wizard! (*Hold your Astrology Wizard Wand, and invoke the Alchymeic Energy to help you purify, transform and awaken to each aspect perfectly! ‘Feel into’ what is being said – feel the words, breathe and let the Energy of Astrology Wizard take you deeper with every breath.)

(*To learn more about the Alchymie of real Astrology, read the introduction to our September Astrology Report)

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October 2nd. Out of the Ashes
The transformative planet of Pluto moving direct in Capricorn after months of retrograde motion. We can use this transformative energy to rebuild the structures that have been transformed because they no longer serve in the manner that they existed. From this new foundation, we can create organisations that are more aligned to the Heart. These are all about new foundations to build a more positive future

6th Oct, to 16th November – VENUS RETROGRADE IN SCORPIO
This is time for reflection and restoration. This is not a rejection of those we love; it is a deserved respite for recharging our batteries. With all Retrogrades there comes a warning sign that we must be vigilant and not allow the unconscious emotional realms to overwhelm consciousness. This is especially true for a sign like Scorpio because it represents our deep unconscious emotional patterning and with a planet like Venus this will all come up in our relationships. The key is not to dramatise the emotion but to turn out, serve and be relational.

9th – NEW MOON IN LIBRA (Sun conjunct Moon in Libra)
This powerful aspect is presenting us with a great opportunity to feel the total balance of the creative life force (Sun) and the emotional wellbeing (Moon).

Mercury in Scorpio makes us a great observer, especially when it comes to emotions, desires and relationships. This aspect brings penetrating communication and penetrating thought within consciousness and has the capacity to bring real true insight.

Sun entering Scorpio, the sign ruled by Pluto announces the time for transforming our total creative life force with great intensity and focus. This position shines the light on the darkest part of ourselves.

24th – FULL MOON IN TAURUS (Sun in Scorpio opposite Moon in Taurus)
The Moon is exhaled in Taurus, because the earth has the ability to absorb the water of emotions. It is an opportunity to be grounded in the practical and material realities of life. All oppositions are challenging, however if our perspective is high enough we can incorporate all aspects of the opposition. The Sun in Scorpio will shine the light on the darkest part of ourselves and the requirement is to be grounded, and witness to the unconscious being revealed.

Optimism and self-confidence help us to succeed. Tolerance and open mindedness are the most important values, during this transit. Having gone through the passage of the deeper unconscious in previous weeks with Mercury in Scorpio, we come out the other side into the expanse, excitement and abundance of the Sagittarian energy. What a relief!

31st – Venus in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus
While Uranus is all about change, growth, and awakening, Taurus is all about consistency, security and stability. Uranus longs for change, whereas Taurus longs for things to stay the same. The ways that we seek stability and comfort are also going to be up for review under this position. We may also find that what we through was once secure and stable is no longer the case. So obviously these two energies are not exactly a perfect match, so there may be a push/pull feeling and we may find it difficult to accept certain changes. At this time this is challenged by the Venus in Scorpio. This aspect is waking us up to how we use our own personal resources as a whole.

After the intensity of looking at how we use our resources with the Scorpio energy, we now get the opportunity again to renegotiate and rebalance, bringing light to how we can change what we need to change, and become more conscious of how we use our energy or resources. This can be at the Micro or Macro level.