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We are all beginning to discover that we are much more than we ordinarily appear to be – that not only do we have a physical body but also an energy body or aura.

Awakening to this discovery, that we are alive as energy, and that we have many layers to our bodily form extending out in an ever increasing radius, begins to allow us a new inspection. As a consequence, we begin to awaken to new levels of responsibility in our relationships to all beings, animals and things. We begin to see that all our actions have an impact. Therefore we must learn to move in a life-positive and healing way. The ultimate way is Love itself.

Many ancient cultures have meticulously detailed the energy systems of the body, even providing intricate representations of what our energy fields and circuits look like. From ancient Chinese medicine to the Indian Ayurvedic system, these maps have allowed us to study and come to know our energy bodies in greater detail.

We are truly multi-dimensional beings with many important energy points throughout our auras that are fundamental to our ability to receive energy and allow it to flow freely throughout our entire being. Paramount amongst these are the Chakras and Meridians/Nadis and this week we would like to take this opportunity to support your understanding of these important elements of our energy bodies.
Meridians or Nadis – The Life Giving Circuitry Of Our Body

There is a vast network of invisible subtle energy channels, known as meridians or nadi (a Sanskrit word meaning ‘flow’), that crisscross the entire body in the auric field, along which our energy or life-force flows. If you were to visit an acupuncturist, it is this circuitry that they address directly, placing needles at various important energy points where the network of energy lines cross or culminate in our subtler energy fields.

It is estimated that there are at least 72,000 such channels, three of which are of fundamental significance, forming the prime conduits of energy throughout the entire system, just as in any electrical circuit. In the east Indian method of Ayurvedic medicine, these are called the Pingala nadi (male or positive), the Ida nadi (female or negative) and the Sushumna nadi (neutral). When we are tired, overwhelmed or stressed, it is often simply that our circuitry is not conducting the life-force and our energy has become stagnant or blocked. Therefore, it is important for us to regularly clear this network to keep our entire system flowing and the energy moving throughout our multi-dimensional forms.

There are many other ways that we can clear and align the flow of energy through our nadis / meridians. One simple way is the use of the Healing Hands Wizard.
Chakras – Our Major Energy Centres

Chakra translates as “wheel”, and refers to the energy centres situated along the frontal-line of our body and in our extended energy field. The chakras are invisible to the physical eye, but nonetheless are considered crucial to the proper functioning of the human form.

The correct colour, vibration and spin of these vortices, (located along the central Sushumna nadi) corresponds to our true human functioning, and when aligned and clear, also supports higher levels of consciousness and spiritual awakening. Therefore it is important for us regularly to clear and restore these energy centres.

Here is a basic description of what the energy of each chakra centre relates to and its location.

The Seven Chakras

Base Chakra (colour Red):

This is located at the base of the body, at the perineum. This is the location of the cosmic energy and the source of the Sushumna nadi.

Navel Chakra (colour orange):

This chakra is situated just below the navel. Its attributes include our creative energy and it is also associated with our personal power.

Solar Plexus Chakra (colour yellow):

This centre is located at the point where the two halves of our ribcage meet. It is the site of the triangular region of fire, and associated with will and intention.

Heart Chakra (colour green):

This is located at the heart centre, the seat of real feeling, compassion and service – our capacity for loving and caring for others, the Earth and the Divine are awakened here.

Throat Chakra (colour blue):

This chakra at the throat is the centre for real heart communication – where the head and the heart unite to communicate Truth.

Third Eye Chakra (colour violet/purple):

This is situated in the centre of the forehead, between the eyebrows. This is the centre of real Penetrating Consciousness and intuition.

Crown Chakra (colour white or violet):

This chakra is located at the crown of the head and is known as the ‘thousand-petaled lotus”. It is the final destination of the cosmic energy and the correct point of release from this life.

There are also many useful ways to clear and purify the Chakras. The Chakra Collection is a very powerful and direct way to affect the Chakras, re-establishing flow, clearing and restoring their fundamental energy. Remember as always to take time out to find sanctuary to restore and realign our auras, nadis and chakras – to recover from all of the demands and daily involvements.