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We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new Alchymeic Tool to support us in this great process of transformation and real spiritual awakening. This unique Energy addresses a whole new level of psychic clearing and helps to release us from levels of bondage previously unseen.

After the degradation of many of the early South American civilisations (like the Mayans, the Incas and the Aztecs), the earth plane and all of civilisation entered a period that was to continue for the next two thousand years. We have come to know this period as the final stages of the ‘Age Of Darkness’. In witnessing Quetzalcoatl as an Energy, a lot of this history was understood and revealed in the vision.

The Divine Vision witnessed at the creation of the Quetzalcoatl Energy…
Quetzalcoatl, (the “Feathered Snake God” – one of the major deities of the Aztec, Toltecs and other Middle American peoples), appeared to have been placed by the power of God as a plug onto the frontal line of man. This energetic revealed itself as a creature sitting with its beak or head blocking the third eye. Its wings sitting opened around through the eyes and above the brain mind, like a layer preventing the God Light entering. Its feet and claws appeared in the heart centre, tearing and ripping at this well of emotional unrest, keeping it churning. The implication of this was that mankind was to suffer his own condition – in other words, to be made accountable.

Quetzylcoatl WandThe end of 2012, the evolutionary leap, saw the end of this period and the beginning of the Age Of Light. Hence, the timing now of the un-plugging and release of the weight of the karma. Thus the Quetzalcoatl Wand is the Alchymeic Energy given in response to un-plug this energetic and allow this new evolutionary possibility.

This Alchymeic Energy is about the unplugging of the whole body-mind to make the vehicle available to the evolutionary possibility of this new Age of Light, (the vehicle has to be made available to allow A-cosmic Man). It is about the restoration and resurrection of Consciousness. It is about the release of the soul to the prior condition of Divine gnosis and allowing the transition of the primitive state of being, to the enlightened soul, or the enlightened man. It appears that we have been trapped in an endless cycle of lifetimes of suffering. This is end time, the beginning of Real Life. The Karma is done.

This unique Alchymeic Product is proving to be an extremely powerful key when it comes to psychic clearing! The first of the new Quetzalcoatl Wands have been sent and here are some of the responses from people who have received them.

“Quetzalcoatl is really penetrating and addressing the heart of fear, where we are hooked and have been hooked forever – where the heart contracts from loving. This energy is really getting down to it and as it works through my form I feel the outward turning of the heart current possible again, dissolving the grip fear has had on me, giving me the space beyond it. Free at last. What a gracious gift”. – N.P – USA

“When I first received this new Energy, I actually had a vision of a feathered entity in my psychic vision, and a wonderful feeling of relief – I could breathe deeply for the first time in decades. Layers of frustration and distress dissolved and I was left with a wonderful feeling of freedom, joy and possibility”. – Jon L, UK

“Quetzalcoatl – the antidote to liberate us from the cloak of fear behind all the drama. As Sth America is such a heart continent it is so needed there. What a blessing!” – S.Q – Australia

“It feels to unlock my stuck energy on every level. I feel the grip released from my heart and everything becomes bright and clear. I feel liberated from any darkness. Thanks you.” U.V – Australia


Quetzalcoatl Alchymeic Wand