Introducing Astrology And The Alchymie Of Transformation

When approaching Astrology, we are presented with many modern, conventional views of this ancient art form, which may seem for most of us overwhelming, or completely uninteresting to others. Given that there are many specific, mathematical aspects which come into play when reading charts etc., it is understandable that this ends up being the case, and most people’s major interaction with Astrology is in the entertainment section of the Sunday papers. Because of this, we never truly get the opportunity to actually feel what Astrology really is or feel the deep impact it is having on every living soul.

There is no doubt that these large celestial bodies, such as the star constellations and planets have a big impact on each of us, from birth to death. But due to our lack of understanding, education and invitation to actually ‘feel’ what these influences are, their presence is never contemplated or ‘felt’ in their true form, eg. their energetic impact. And ultimately, we end up being the ‘helpless’ suffers of their presence, often left feeling as if we’ve been through a washing machine and hung out to dry, but having no real insight or awakened understanding of what is happening to us.

The following section from the Astrology Wizard Wand description can start to give us a deeper feeling for the actual ‘reality’ of what Astrology is and its influence upon us. It can also begin to peel back the layers of mystery as to what the ‘cosmos’ IS, and how our ‘born destiny’ identically reflects the blueprint of where the stars and planets were the moment we were born – the karma we are born with (or lessons we come here to learn), is in essence projected through the stars at the time of our birth. It is the pattern of our personality, tendencies, habits and lessons.

The Astrology Wizard Wand
“…The brain-mind is the unextended form, the world at large, the cosmos is the extended form. The extended form is a reflection of the unextended form. Astrology reveals a map of the influence of the cosmos upon any given individual based on the unique circumstance of their birth. For those who see the veracity of Astrology, they are merely witnessing the fact that the inside becomes the outside and the outside has an influence upon the inside. Hermes Trismegistus expresses this, “As above so below.” The Astrology Wizard is the purest form of Astrological practice and seeks to dissolve all destinies written in the stars which reflect the pattern of the brain-mind self or psyche. Therefore the psyche is the machine of destiny and the stars are the four-dimensional pattern of that psyche…”.

So Astrology is really about karma – our born destiny. It is very much more than what we read in magazines, and it holds an influence over us until we grow and transform to the point where such distances are made unnecessary. How’s that done… well it’s a lifetime process of growth and awakening. It is a dedication to the discovery that we are not just these ‘born’ personalities, these fixed forms. We are ultimately ‘RADIANT DIVINE BEING’. So how do we awaken to this very great realisation you ask…

With Alchymie, we are Graced with a way to transform all karmic matters such as all that is written in the stars. And we are given the gift of being able to directly and easily connect to the specific celestial bodies like planets and stars, granting us an intimacy with the forces of nature that we are being influenced by daily. This gift is granted via all the Alchymeic Energies, but specifically through the wonder of the Astrology Wizard Wand. If you’d like to purchase an Astrology Wizard Wand for $55aud, and to receive vast energetic support for transforming all cosmic energies, and beyond, click here.


September Hermetic Astrology Report

(*Please hold your Astrology Wizard Wand as you read this report. This will bring you the greatest transformative benefit!)
This September 2018, we want to draw your attention to a few specific elements that we feel are most likely to affect everyone, generally.

Two major planets turn direct in September, after months of being in ‘retrograde’ – backward motion. (Did you know ALL of the planets ‘retrograde’… it’s not just Mercury ;). On the 6th Saturn starts to move forward again, in Capricorn. A positive attribute of this energy is self-discipline. We will gain the most out of this particular energy by being straight, grounded and focused. Then at the end of the month, on the 30th, Pluto turns direct, also in Capricorn. This is a time for us to demonstrate what we have learned during the last months, and be a demonstration of strength and truth.

September New Moon – On the 9th, the new moon at 17°00′ Virgo makes strong aspects to three planets
– New moon opposite Neptune is the most important influence but it is the only difficult aspect.
– Helpful aspects to Jupiter and Pluto, offers solutions to any problems caused by Neptune.
The opportunities for growth and success from this very lucky aspect outweigh any initial fears or confusion caused by Neptune.

Jupiter sextile Pluto brings the energy of positive action and focused efforts, allowing success. There will be a feeling that you won’t have to force the change or even react to things that arise unexpectedly. Powerful forces within the stars are working behind the scenes to bring you to a higher level. Increased power and influence, spiritual and personal growth are all part of this energy.

The full moon on Monday September 24, 2018 is at 2° Aries. This moon has the strength and force of Saturn behind it. It is on a Saturn-like star associated with inhibition and restraint. The full moon square Saturn has a restricting and depressing influence on our feelings and relationships. Chiron conjunct the full moon links our fears to a deep wound in our soul. But this full moon also offers solutions to these problems. Positive energy from Mars and Uranus grants courage to overcome the obstacles in our life.

  • Mars Solutions – Moon sextile Mars – passion and enthusiasm needed to overcome inhibition from Saturn.
  • Uranus Solutions – Saturn trine Uranus encourages us to make positive changes instead of putting up with limiting conditions. Brings opportunities to break free. It helps to overcome the fear of change because this is a transition phase.