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“……..intuitive intelligence is what we must awaken to live. The process involved in such an awakening requires everything of us. It requires the intuitive urge to be greater than all the structures that have been built upon through lifetimes of armouring. In actual fact, it requires the death of that one. It requires the dissolution of all identification with the born condition. It requires that one be dissolved of all separation. The fire required for this is an alchymie. The ashes are what we must come to before we rise again………” – from “Out of the Ashes” by  Showme Showers Heaven’s Bliss.

The above statement describes the road ahead of us for the next year and a half. Starting this month, the transiting moon’s nodes move from the Sagittarius-Gemini polarity, to the Scorpio-Taurus polarity. The polarity of the moon’s nodes reveals to us where we need to grow and expand, and where we may be stuck or spinning our wheels. Since March 2011, the call has been for us to focus on seeing and holding a ‘Sagittarius’ bigger picture, starting to really trust in our intuition, beyond logical mind not getting lost in Gemini details. Now our challenge is to move beyond the fear of loss of our Taurean earthly possessions and our fear of death, to a deeper and more penetrating Scorpian grasp or understanding of the mystery of life, beyond the fear of finality or loss of our “structures”. Remember, this is 2012, the time of great change and transformation. We can participate in this consciously or we can just be dragged along… it’s our choice.

Supporting this theme of trusting in the midst of loss, is the very powerful Pluto-Uranus square of dissolution, (transformation and awakening), which continues until 2015. This has been the subject of many of our previous blogs and will continue to feature intensely for some time to come.

In early October Saturn leaves the sign of Libra, which it has been in since November 2009. During this period, there has been an emphasis on learning the lessons of how we interact with one another, from the personal one on one level to our business interactions – Libra is about finding balance. Now, as Saturn finishes up in Libra and enters Scorpio for the next two and a half years, our lessons will be in learning where our passions lie. For some, this will be a revelation and a blessing, for others there will be an increased intensity or edge to their lives as these lessons unfold. The main lesson will be in learning where we are holding onto our fear, and learning to trust and let go. (Scorpio is about death and rebirth).

Pluto has been in retrograde motion since early April this year, and moves in direct motion again in mid-September till mid-April 2013. During this seven month period, Plutonian transformation will be more noticeable, or felt more intensely on a personal and worldly level.

Mars, the planet of action and fire, is in Scorpio for the entire month of September – being a herald for Saturn’s entrance into this sign next month. Mars in Scorpio can bring an intense emotional and passionate edge to the month. Around the 27th of September, Mars squares the planet Venus in Leo, and with the full moon in Aries on the 30th, ends this month in a rather intense and fiery manner, especially as the fire full moon in Aries ignites the Pluto-Uranus square.  Enjoy the fireworks!

As always, EnergyAlchymieHappiness recommend some transformative tools to support your continued growth in these important times. The Energies for this month are – The Transformation, Relationship and the Mars and Venus Collections.

Till next month, the Energy Alchymie Happiness Astrology Guild 🙂