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Products For Personal Use

Hermes Far Eastern Shining offer empowered Alchymie Artefacts to support your personal growth and transformation.

Products To Create Sanctuary

Many of the Alchymeic Artefacts help to create real Sanctuary, a place where the psychic pressures of the world are greatly diminished.

Product For Practitioners

Some of the Alchyeic Products are designed specifically for those who are in service to humanity – Alchymeic Energies to support those supporting others…

The Stunning Alchymeic Jewellery

Hermes Far Eastern Shining offers a collection of individually hand- crafted pieces of Alchymeic Jewellery. Each one holds a specific energetic intention to support us in our journey of transformation and Heart Awakening. Each piece holds a ‘tone’, a vibratory current that sings to the Heart. In addition to the unique, Alchymeic empowerment held within each pendant, these exquisite handmade pieces incorporate yellow and white gold, precious and semi-precious stones. View the Jewellery…

The Incredible Energy Houses

The stunning Energy Houses are a force of Alchymeic purification and transformation never before felt in this place! They are given through Divine vision with the intention to help us penetrate the many layers of illusion and awakening we must all eventually pass to. Portable Tools for creating Sanctuary in a home, office or on the road – the Energy Houses are a wondrous addition to the Alchymeic Product range. They are a key component in supporting us at these times of great energetic need. View the Houses…

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