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2019 Threshold Pack Training


7 week, Threshold Pack Training Immersion! We love supporting all those who have these wondrous Alchymeic Artefacts. If you have any one of these mighty Alchymie treasure chests, come join us for a total transformative immersion 🔥💥❤️

*PLEASE NOTE – THIS PURCHASE IS THE REGISTRATION FOR THOSE WITH THRESHOLD PACKS. However, this payment gateway is ONLY for those who already have a Threshold Pack. It is ESSENTIAL that you have the Alchymeic Products in order to participate. (We will be checking this before sending people registration links).


The Threshold Packs are far greater than the legendary pirate’s treasure chest brimming with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and the many shiny golden artifacts. Every vial in the Threshold Pack is a wonderful particular moment of Divine communion. It is the Perfect Prayer for those who select vials with a truly open Heart and therefore with grateful reception. When we open the pack we stand on the Threshold, where if we lift our eyes just a little above the horizon, we can see the entrance into the Divine Domain and behind us all the infinite display of the cosmic realms. Each vial is a skyhook that carries us beyond our present density, our gravity of attachment to the earthly plane, so that we soar in wonder, in amazement, in delight, to where the Beloved holds us fast in forever.