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Angel Realm Wands


The Angel Realm Wands are a vast and wondrous Alchymie to behold. These Angel Energies, combining the profound process of Alchymie and the blessing intention of the Angel Realms, are an extraordinary gift to all of humanity. The very fact that the Angelic Realms have combined to allow their presence more readily felt and known, is an extraordinary matter. They are to be utilised with great humility and gratitude.

Each Realm can be engaged specifically for its unique function of support, or you can work with the entire current of the nine Realms, for the purpose of manifestation and transformation. As you become familiar with the Energy of each Realm, the specific support on offer becomes clearer and more potent.

The Angel Realm Wands are ONLY available as a full set and not for sale individually. They can also be combined with the Stargate Box for greater intensity and intention. (Click here to read more about the Stargate Box).

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Throughout history, humankind has looked to the heavens for guidance and support. Not only have we sought direct help from the Divine, but also from the realms of beings residing in domains superior to ours – the Angelic Realms. The domain of the Angels has a long history of partnership with humanity which has been well documented in many spiritual traditions. All the great prophets spoke of beings from on high, God’s messengers, whose purpose was to guide humanity, helping to stabilise the balance between good and evil.

This earthly realm we perceive upon waking every day is not all there is. In fact on a scale of consciousness, our earthly home is relatively low down towards the… There are many realms of possibility within the cosmic domain. But as we ascend towards the Light, we pass through domains of angelic form, who’s purpose it is to create a passage to the Light… There are nine Angelic realms swelling ever heavenward to the God Light. Each one represents …

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Weight .185 kg
Dimensions 13 × 6 × 4 cm