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The Bright Room Energy House is designed to create sanctuary wherever it is placed. Sanctuary is a place that evokes an exquisite moment and allows the possibility of peace and tranquility to be found. Sanctuary is a space in which we can come to rest and be restored. We need to create sanctuary in our lives, to find balance and listen to our intuition. This may be supported through meditating, yoga or simply sitting and breathing in the Energy field of The Bright Room House.

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Please note: These are intermediate Alchymeic artifacts and require a degree of previous experience with the Alchymie. Contact us for more information about the requirements for holding these sacred objects.

The Bright Room Energy House is a tool that is used to psychically and energetically purify the environment in which it is placed. It does this through Divine Vision and its unique Alchymeic structure based on sacred geometry. This allows the Energy of the House to radiate as a blissful field of Light throughout our environment, touching and blessing everything. It creates a space to be, a space to feel, a space to be renewed.Bright Room Energy Houses are being used all over the world by many individuals, families, professionals and companies – from Yoga Studios and Spas to corporate and retail environments.

We are entering the dawn of the Age of Light. It is a time of global change as old structures dissolve and the mind surrenders into Heart Feeling, or where the intuition of the Heart begins to be the dominant force. Everything will seem to be speeding up to force this transformation. The Bright Room Energy House infuses our lives with real energetic support to meet this intensity, to recover from the demands upon us and help us participate in the spirit of this shift within consciousness.

The Bright Room Energy House works to purify and transform the environment in which it is placed. Working, living and being in the energy field of The Bright Room Energy House is a great support. Consider the best placement for The Bright Room – a safe, stable position in your home or work environment, somewhere it can be easily engaged, but out of reach of children and pets.

To directly receive the blessing current of The Bright Room Energy House, try holding your hand above its apex, take a breath and allow yourself to relax into feeling. Then place a glass of fresh water over the apex of The Bright Room to imbue the water with its blessing current. Drink the water to receive a showering of Light whole bodily. This is a great daily practice to assist in your personal ‘clearing’ and also restore your energy field to a pristine state. Try to have a drink from The Bright Room regularly, especially after demanding engagments, eg. when we come home from work etc…

You may also choose to spiritualise your food and drink by holding it momentarily over the apex of The Bright Room. There is a particular blessing created as part of the structure of The Bright Room that allows the food and drink to be cleared and lifted to a much higher energetic quality. Other objects can also be ‘cleared’ by holding them over the apex of the House like groceries, handbags, mail, books or even your pillow. You can also give water you have imbued over The Bright Room to your plants and animals. They too will appreciate the Energy.

Many people like to travel with their Bright Room Energy House. This can be a truly wonderful support as we move throughout the world. However, we do recommend you consider a second Bright Room Energy House for this function, so that there is always one at home or work to hold the sanctuary there whilst you are away.


“Overwhelming Brightness is the best way I could describe it… Brightness and Bliss with no boundaries. It is incredibly beautiful too! The original wooden Energy House feels grounding and seems to open the space in the environment in which it is placed. This new House takes that space and opens it to a brightness beyond this realm!” — Ark-Hal, USA
 “It was really sharp, clear and expanding. It felt unbounded and every new vial that was added, added a new twist of bliss. It was fun to experience the new house.” — Angevin, USA.
“A whole new world! We witnessed the birthing of theRR Energy House in our Iowa workshop — such an incredible presence! And such a beautiful Hermetic Artifact to behold. The biggest thing I noticed was the tangibility of each set of vials as they were placed: the Lights — you could clearly feel the lights holding each point in the field, the north, south, east and west; the Angel — a presence of incredible peace and sanctuary; Plagued by Daemons — releasing an aggravation immediately from the field, Feng Shui Wizard — rounding out all corners and hard edges and more…” — Kirra Springs, AUS


Additional Vial Sets For The Bright Room Energy House:

Each House comes with the option to add 3 additional House Vial sets so that you may specifically address the energetics in the location where it is placed. The following are a list of vials available.

In addition to these vials previously on offer with the House, several of the vial sets have also been intensified to include Arranging Energies & two new sets created. These are listed below:

RR Plagued By Daemons
RR Snowflake Daemon Catcher
RR Home Sweet Home
RR Transitionings
RR Occupational Hazards
RR Doggie In The Window
RR Hardware Alien Below the Plane of the Ecliptic
RR Politics of Experience Wizard — Arranging 255
RR The Elements (Fire, Air, Earth, Water)
RR The Winds (N,S,E,W)
RR The Chone Vials

The new Central Vial: Slow Force Field Arranging 281:
Arranging 281 is based on the energy Billion Years Slow Glass.
Vision: Literally dissolves time — prior to time — time doesn’t exist.

NEW — Eastern Lights (to go with the previous Northern & Southern Lights):
Unstoppable Light flooding in like a roadway — forward and up.

NEW Western Lights: (to go with the previous Northern & Southern Lights):
Vision: The doorways appeared to be closing to a lower black dimension down and to the left. The gates were heard to ‘click’ shut.

NEW — Angel “There’s A Kind of Hush All Over The World”:
Vision: Saw an angelic form lifting off the cloak under which we’d all been hidden. This was now being taken off because there’s safety in allowing ourselves to be revealed. Allowing more space, revealing more.

Eyeless In Gaza – Arranging 288:
Vision: It’s like a flame, with Divine hands around the flame holding this vulnerability, this fragility, while there appeared to be black all around.

Goodbye Electro-Magnetics – Arranging 330:
Vision: The radiant current being deflected instead of going out, goes up.

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 cm