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Christmas Collection


Christmas is a time for the Heart – a time for opening ourselves to that which is greater than us, and making the gesture of giving to others. Unfortunately these days, Christmas time has become a vast array of chaotic energy with the true spirit of this time having been buried under a mountain of commercialism.

The Alchymeic Energies of the Christmas Collection are a wonderful way to clear the psyche and communicated energetic stress that we endure throughout this time, and help restore the True Spirit of this most sacred period.

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Christmas Virus Elixir DiscChristmas Virus Elixir
The tragedy of Christmas without feeling the TRUE significance of the celebratory festivities, can leave us with a Christmas Virus – the commercialising and toxifying effects of a Christmas season without real Heart feeling. This Alchymeic Energy is a purification of these negative energetics, allowing ourselves to feel the true significance of the Christmas period – the birthing of Christ Consciousness, the Initiatory Christic current.

Dark Christmas Tree ElixirDark Christmas Tree Elixir
A vision is given of Christmas without light. Without the initiatory current there is a ‘doorway’ – falling into negative states of being. The symbol of a Christmas tree without Heart can hold a well of despair. Dark Christmas Tree closes the door.

gold,frank-and-myrrhGold, Frankincense & Myrrh
A gift from the wise men at the nativity, opening the way for the entrance of the Divine Spirit into this world. Each of the three items represented hold a sacred symbology.

Gold brings forth the power and strength of the sun, symbolising the purity of Heart Consciousness. Frankincense brings forth the forces of the moon, dispelling and protecting from negativity, holding the space for accelerated spiritual growth. Myrrh brings protection, holding and purification. Anointing, consecrating and manifesting an individual’s potentiality to incarnate as a soul of Truth.

This Energy is a baptismal current to initiate and bless the process – a life to pass through with courage and integrity. These are the tools of empowerment with the intention of giving space, strength, wisdom and protection for the ordeals encountered on our journey of the Heart.

Star Of Bethlehem DiscStar Of Bethlehem
The Star of Bethlehem is psychically seen to hold a cosmic coded message; a Divine formulation for the evolution and incarnation of Divine Light. This star is a ‘message in a bottle’ that comes as an encoded current. The first scission* of creation holds the pieces. It is seen as pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that need to be put together. In receiving this current, we are receiving the ‘message in a bottle’.

*The first scission is soulfire. The point of creation where the Divine light creating this Cosmos is seen as a current, that begins to multiply, one becoming two, igniting the Genesis of Creation, igniting the Fire of Transformation.

Holiday Puja ElixirHoliday Puja Elixir
Holiday Puja Elixir is a blessed psychic clearing for all the varied and many holidays that we celebrate and which often come with the addition of subtle levels of toxicity, that require purification and transmutation. May our holidays be a celebration of love, where we are inspired to create forms of real enjoyment with one another, drawing us all into the form that is reality, that is the truth of us.


Christmas Light Elixir Wand:
This new Christmas Energy is given to bless all in the True Spirit and realisation of the Infinite Light that is available to us during this significant festive celebration. (Image coming soon…)
This Energy will be a valuable tool every year to support us with every aspect of the Christmas period.

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