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Holy Warrior Wand Set And Cosmic Rain


*Buy any one of these four new Wands and receive a free ticket in our ‘Christmas Fractaliser Raffle’ (worth $100), drawn on 24th December (AET). Tickets available until 12 noon on 24th December 2019 (AET).

The very latest Alchymeic Energies given to help the advance of our spiritual passage at this time. The Holy Warrior Series of four Energies are about helping us continue to stabilise the new strength and courage to hold our space and space for the Heart in the world.

Cosmic Rain Energy is a new Alchymeic Energy given to help stimulate a flow of nourishment and ease beyond all that we are facing in this day and age – the dried up, cracked and depraved conditions of day to day existence. Everyone and everything is in need of a balm from beyond the seemingly impossible conditions we are facing. Bring on the Cosmic Rain – the tears of the Divine!

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Weight .185 kg
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 5 cm
Holy Warrior Series Wand

Holy Warrior, Divine Submission, Transmuting In The Fire, Cosmic Rain, Set Of 3 Holy Warrior Series Wands

*Descriptions For These New Wands Coming Soon!