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Core Structure Wand Set


Here we are bringing a collection of Energies together that literally are the unlocking of the archaeological site of the born condition. Up until this point through all the early stages of our Hermetic Work entering the earth plane, these Energies were crucial in beginning to ignite and allow the Light to enter the knot of separative self. At first, this Hermetic vibratory current was so new to the earth plane that these energies were only ever given in one-on-one sessions. They were used to support a transitional shift for humanity. This was a high intensity of transfiguring current that had not previously been present.

(*Released this August in a special Royal Purple Wand Set)

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During the period of the last 20 years, a speeding up has occurred. We are at End Time, a time that is the dissolution of the Kali Yuga (the age of darkness). As the Age of Light enters, there is a spiritual crisis on mass being witnessed throughout humanity. This speeding up brings with it a colliding of current that requires human souls to endure a conversion process. Ultimately all identification, differentiation and desire of the egoic individual must be broken open. This transformative process allows the Heart of Love to incarnate through our forms. Lessons are being given across the earth. Beings are being forced to face their own limitations and find a greater way. Everything has sped up.

The Crux and the Key of unlocking the egoic archaeological site that each human form represents, literally requires the support of the Alchymie. The Jackdaws, the Doorways, the Crux & Key are all Hermetic Currents that are spiritually transformative tools to provide the support we need for such a transition. 

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Dimensions 13 × 6 × 4 cm