Zoroastrian Single Spacer


The Single spacers are a wonderful way to begin to combine your Alchymeic Disc Energies and start to discover deeper levels of penetration, growth and transformation. They allow us to combine any Disc Energies to specify intentions for certain psychic clearing, growth and adaptation.

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The Difference between the White Single Spacer and the Zoroastrian Single Spacer

The White Radiant Realm Single Spacer moves to lift us to the prior condition – the Remembrance of the ever present Divine current of Only God. The Zoroastrian Single Spacer is energetically working two aspects at once: infinitely below (the mortal life of forgetfulness), to infinitely above (where we re-awaken to the Remembrance of that which is eternal). In ‘working’ the limitation of identification with the mortal realm below, deep rooted responses that need to be released are transmuted so that our attention ceases to fall back into old adaptations and ultimately we are drawn to that which is greater, the Heart’s Remembrance of the Divine condition.

Single Spacer Zoroastrian Single Spacer