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Within the creation of the Alchymeic Products, the Personal Pendant has been held aside as one of the most sacred of the Hermetic artefacts. It has traditionally only been available to those with a real desire for the transformative passage. But there is now a unique window of opportunity, for those who feel they are ready, to receive one of these special Energies.

The Personal Pendant has been revered, honoured and cherished for years by those fully committed to the process of Real Transformation. (These very special Pendants are available in 9ct and 18ct Yellow Gold.)

What Is The Personal Pendant?

This special and unique Alchymeic Energy is a direct, personal blessing consideration for each person – a Divine gift of liberation from this born condition – the individual karmic bluebrint. It is different from all of the other Alchymeic Energies in that it is not ‘fixed’ to a specific function – it shifts, changes and adapts to each one’s personal growth and transformation, and evolves in intensity and spiritual force as you evolve, shift and awaken. It holds the seed of possibility for each one to know again the Path Of Infinite Return, or the passage of awakening to enlightenment.

Some Special Attributes… 
In addition to its powerful ‘personal’ transformative qualities, the Personal Pendants also holds some very special additional gifts and intentions. These attributes can be called upon and invoked on a daily basis to support us directly in all of life’s circumstances.

‘Puja’ & Clearing
The Personal Pendant also addresses levels of puja, or psychic clearing from all of your life’s experiences. It is important to invoke the Personal Pendant to help with matters as they arise, and/or with direct consideration of past events.

Personal Wellbeing
There is another aspect that your own personal welfare is held via the Energy of the Personal Pendant, so call upon its Energy whenever you need support – invoking blessed restoration.

Food Spiritualiser
The Personal Pendant incorporates a ‘food spiritualiser’ energy. By tapping it to a plate of food, or a drink, we can invoke the gift of this food blessing.

Within The Alchymie Of Creation
A Divine Vision Appeared

Here is a description of the Personal Pendant given by Showme Showers Heaven’s Bliss, the Philosoper’s Stone of this Alchymeic Work.

The Personal Pendant
“The intention of this special Alchymeic gift, is specific to the individual who requests it, and is a current that is uniquely held within the body-mind structure of that one. Each person can be described as an archaeological site – the individual karma and tendencies of that born condition. This is the patterning of how we have developed the frontal, egoic ‘persona’ over lifetimes. The fundamental purpose of the Personal Pendant, is to begin to feel a relief and be liberated from this karmic bondage. Such suffering has bound attention and limited one’s restoration to the Living Heart.

In the original birthing of the pendant, there appeared the vision of the Hand of God – as though one was being pulled from the dross, or the ‘well’ of mortal form. It begins to loosen attention and enable one to witness his or her own limitations, thus allowing freedom from what is arising. Therefore it becomes a Divine puja, or clearing of all that limits this awakening.

The born condition is a place of forgetting. One has to awaken to the realisation that this dimension, this earthly existence, is a School of Learning. In this remembrance, this becomes a useful opportunity for real growth. For those who recognise the ‘Path of Infinite Return’, (or the awakening process), and who are beginning this journey, there is an impulse to make full use of this lifetime. Thus, the Personal Pendant resonates with that urgency of such a one’s awakening. One who chooses the Personal Pendant, is one who is choosing a life for real transformation and real release from the bondage and suffering of all that is less than Love.

There are souls who have, in previous lives, known one another in a transformative process. There are even beings who previously worked together in esoteric matters. For those who recognise the Personal Pendant as something significant for them, there is a felt remembrance, as though returning to the company of Truth – a knowing again from previous times. It is a felt understanding of coming home, where home represents the Heart and its yearning – the heart’s journey to incarnation as Love.

Within the witness, as this blessing Energy was first ignited, it appeared that each person was being given a Divine gift of assistance – the restoration to the Heart and its Loving. These gifts appeared to be unique to the individual. It is unnecessary to understand an individual’s apparent gift. However it is possible to have them witnessed and recognised upon receiving a Personal Pendant. The Personal Pendant is specifically for those who come to it with a level of maturity and acknowledgment of the Real Process of Awakening.

Whatever this description amounts to, is only a beginning, as this pendant is a deeply personal matter, and supports an ongoing mysterious enfoldment to stimulate all levels of your growth” – Showme Showers Heaven’s Bliss

The Transforming Power Of The
Personal Pendant

The Personal Pendants have been received and enjoyed by hundreds of people all over the world for many years now. We hear many wonderful stories of people’s experiences of their Personal Pendant. Here is one of them.

“True Transformation! That’s really all I can say about receiving my Personal Pendant! It was the single most significant turning point in my life. I felt it at first as a tangible energy and presence all around me, at all times. Then after a while I noticed things really started to change in my life – in the way I related to circumstances and the people around me. I could feel that the Energy was permeating deep into my psyche and starting to show me how life was all about Energy, and that nothing was solid or fixed.

I have been using the Alchymie for close to 20 years now and the Personal Pendant remains the most important Energy for me. It has been a most profound passage of awakening and self-discovery, or ‘recovery’… If I was to be asked to only have one Alchymeic Product, the Personal Pendant would most certainly be it!” – Mobius Barnaby – Australia