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The Heart Of Space movement is one of the most important elements of this Alchymeic work! The presence of the Bubblers is of great significance in the creation of Real Heart Sanctuary all over the world, as well as the restoration of the hearts of human kind. There is no other spiritual, transformative work like it alive on the planet! The Heart Of Space serves the Great Purpose and is re-awakening all beings to the Path Of Infinite Return.

Here is a prayer and invocation for the Heart Of Space Movement from Showme Showers Heaven’s Bliss.

“2016 I feel is a tipping point. Take a moment to consider the critical mass that humanity has created upon this earth plane. Simply look at the number of human beings – who require feeding, who require a living space… this itself has a consequence. We have created what could only be seen as total upheaval – particularly environmentally, within most of the world’s countries. It feels as though we have entered ‘late time’, where there is a loss of the purity of our air, a diminishing of the supply of fish in the oceans, and we have a toxification of our river systems, annihilation of forested areas like the Amazon; there is a huge amount of debris and waste product overwhelming our natural environments. We have a frenzy of food production that is having a side effect outlined in documentaries such as Food Inc. and Cowspiracy. These are showing us that at this continued rate, Humanity is heading towards self-destruction. Climate change is clearly a consequence that has created great turbulence – increased winds, above average numbers of fires, droughts and floods have become a common fact. Temperatures have risen, whilst coincidentally, more severe blizards and tornadoes are appearing. All of this is an end point of what humankind has created  here. It is driven by the need for power, political control and survival. These events show a human world – that is not evolving toward True Human Possibility. The exponential growth of our annihilation is happening faster than even the scientists predicted. The ice is melting, the currents are slowing, the earth is shaking, the volcanos are releasing. For the most part human beings are at war! There is no True evolutionary leap taking place here.
So we are missing the mark as a race on this earth plane. WE ARE MISSING THE MARK! This is the reality of where we stand at the beginning of 2016. But, if there were sufficient human souls who could truly care enough, and take the time to be the difference at a whole new level, then there may yet be time to slow this event down, and possibly turn it around. This is equivalent to a ‘True Human Evolutionary Possibility’ – which allows or invokes one to not only become responsible at a physical level, but awakens one in a whole Conscious Process of Divine Recognition. There must be beings willing to make that Greater gesture, (both physically and esoterically), who are willing to truly take responsibility for their presence upon this earth plane – beings who can engage within this world of ‘Alchymie’ we have before us, and support the distribution of enough Heart Of Space Products to begin to bring the threads of Golden Divine Light to the earth plane. Then maybe, just maybe, there will be time to turn this all about. If there is not a Divine Intervention, Real Intelligence and Heart Awakening, then there is no way out…!
Remember the Divine Vision of the Heart Of Space –  is that wherever they are placed, they begin to create golden threads that connect to all other Heart Of Space Products. This manifestation supports the grounding of the Light. These Golden Threads begin to act like stitches upon the Earth Plane. This is our raison d’être.
Earth is a ‘living organism’, that we must awaken to realise. At this ‘late time’ it is filled with the heartlessness of mankind over many lifetimes. Let us hold the prayer in 2016, that we begin to realise that our actions have real consequences. Let us awaken to the gift of knowing that we are here for a moment, and that this is our school of learning – that we can awaken here and be ‘alive’ as a Healing Presence. Let us hold the vision within our minds-eye that there be the recognition from beings who can support an esoteric outcome to helping Transform, Transmute and Transfigure what has been created here. Let us see an earth plan of Divine Awakening at God speeded end. Let us see support for an Evolutionary Leap that allows many Heart of Space Products to be placed all over this earth plane. Let us truly Stand Firm and make the difference – that we can tip this critical point in the right direction. May it be so!” – Showme Showers Heaven’s Bliss

Let us make 2016 a greater focus on these wondrous grounding Energies. If you have access to them, then please spend time now, at the beginning of the year, to re-establish your relationship to them. We also invite everyone to support the new Heart Of Space Movement this year and help us establish three new Heart Of Space points in 2016. Read on…


The Heart Of Space Fundraiser

In our January email we announced that a generous donor has gestured to give two Heart Of Space to the world each year for the foreseeable future! This is really important news and something everyone world wide should be celebrating! There are many of you all over the world who recognise the significance of the Heart Of Space current and would deeply love to have one, or at least to participate in making more happen. So… we would like to get the ball rolling on the 2016 Heart Of Space Movement and invite you to participate this year by helping us raise money for a third Heart Of Space!

HOS celestial 1-2016-69-1

Depending on donations, we need about 150 people to commit to a contribution of $300 annually.
This will allow us to place a THIRD Heart Of Space somewhere in the world this year.

And for all those who come on board with this programme, you will be entitled to the following…

* Once Hermes designates a list of places ready to receive a Heart Of Space throughout the year, all paying members of the Heart Of Space Movement will have special ‘voting rights’ and will be invited to cast their vote on what kind of Bubbler, 
(Saturn Bubbler or Qualitative Evolution Bubbler), 
and where each Heart Of Space will be placed! 
* You will receive a Heart Of Space Card – a specially empowered card which can be felt and invoked wherever you are to help hold your space in the world.
* You will receive special invitations to participate in these
Heart Of Space Installation Ceremonies. 
* The complete satisfaction of knowing that you are helping make one of the greatest gestures to awaken the Divine in the Hearts of mankind!

Heart Of Space Card


You can join the Heart Of Space Movement by donating to the programme now. You can make three periodic payments throughout the year,
or make a full payment of $300. It is entirely up to you.
Click here to see our online payment gateway>