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Inner Chamber Of The Heart Pendant

This pendant relates to salvation. It is about the final passage of Awakening. In the Divine vision, what appeared was the inner chamber of the Great Pyramid, which is seen to be equivalent to the inner chamber of the heart…
The ancient passage of ascent, forward and upwards to the Divine Star. The ancient wisdom of the process of ascension which has been hidden in plain sight for thousands of years, within the great pyramids – the open secret.
Within the Alchymie of creating this Energy, a Divine Vision was given…
The passage extended from the inner chamber, forward and upward, which is also equivalent to the path of Infinite Return. This Energy provides support and intensification to the power of Infinity, bringing a final thrust to release us from the cramp of identification with mortal form, to the Bliss of Eternal Life.

Yellow gold with blue enamel, ruby, blue sapphire and diamond.