Here are two new Alchymeic Energies that are a MUST at this time! As we continue to pass through a daily meteor band of chaotic communication, fear based projections and stress, we must keep walking with great strength knowing where we stand. Psychic strength is of utmost importance, as most of what we are enduring is the subtle communication of a world under stress. 
These two Alchymie Wands are a profound gift in the strengthening of the layers of our existence. We encourage everyone to have and use them now.

Concoction 14 “Double Strength

Treat the root cause and everything else will follow…  Concoction 14 has long been heralded amongst many energy workers all over the world as a profound gift to address the underlying ‘cause’ of why certain viruses manifest at certain times. The karmic causes are always many and varied  considering the complexity and circumstances of each human on the planet. Concoction 14 Energy is designed to respond perfectly to each individual, where they are at and what they need energetically.
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Auric Wonder X10

The transformative help of the ‘Gold Vibration’, which is about assimilation, vitality and building strength. Auric Wonder is a rejuvenating Energy. This Energy is ‘huge’ and appears as a doorway to a greater dimension of existence projected out through the Heart. Within the tradition of Alchymie, gold is the sign of completion or Enlightenment, and so the greater destiny spoken of here is the ‘conscious awakening’ or the transmutation of the grosser elements into the ‘gold’ of Enlightenment. This wonderful Energy has now been intensified to specifically act to deeply restore our 10 Auric Layers. Available now for $85AUD. View In Our Shop