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Our weekly Universal Hermetic Prayer events are worldwide events. Usually lasting 1:30min, they connect people from all over the world with each other and the profound Esoteric Blessing current brought to us by the Alchymie of Hermes Far Eastern Shining. Also utilising the Power and Unity of our common Hearts’ Desire to shift the Consciousness on the planet at this time, we work together in meditation and with the Energies of Hermes, to manifest pure intent to help make this shift happen.

With the support of the existing, worldwide Alchymie Presence – Threshold Packs, Stargate Boxes & Bubblers and Heart Of Space, we can stand and awaken to be the difference that is so necessary at this time. Never before has the Alchymie of Hermes Far Eastern Shining been so accessible. You don’t need any Alchymeic Products to participate! But for all those who have been collecting these wonderful Alchymeic Energies over the years, we are calling you forth! Particularly those with Threshold Packs, Stargates and Bubblers. They are a profound key to supporting this Unity Consciousness. Please bring all of your Energies to these events and be an active participant. It doesn’t even matter how long it has been since you’ve used it… Each piece of Alchymeic Product shines Eternally with its Radiant Current of Intention! So go and dust off your Wands, Pendants and Threshold Packs, and come be a part of the Esoteric Solution in Unity with your Heart friends all over the world. We need you!

These events are an opportunity for beings everywhere to experience these sacred and wondrous Alchymeic Energies, and to be supported in your spiritual awakening no matter where you are or what stage of your awakening process you are at. (The unique nature of these Alchymeic Energies allows us to share them with you, no matter where you are). Also, it is critical at this time that we begin to come together as much as possible to support the Heart awakening all over the world. This Energy moment is such an opportunity. Come and be a part of the movement!

For many years now, the Alchymie of Hermes Far Eastern Shining has been touching and blessing thousands of people worldwide. With empowered Alchymeic Products like the Wands, Jewellery and Energy Houses, individuals have been supported and inspired in their spiritual awakening at a much faster rate than ever before. In addition to the transformation at an individual level, the development of the larger Hermetic Artefacts such as the Bubblers and Heart of Space has allowed for this unprecedented Alchymeic Presence of Light and Love, to touch many more beings as well as the earth plane itself!

Utilising webinars technology we can do live and interactive Alchymie work via the internet, discovering the power of being together all over the world, working in prayer and unity. This webinar platform really works! The Alchymie has never been as accessible and we are having some wonderful results!

With the ability to see your presenters and the special Alchymeic Products being used, it is becoming increasingly easier to be part of the movement… A representative from Hermes welcomes and introduces the Alchymie and intention of the webinar, and leads us through some unique Energy work with the intention to help shift the Consciousness all over the world. You get to experience this yourself at this event. All you need is a computer and internet connection. That’s it! Webinars – The Future Of ‘Unity Energy Work’

We are currently offering two Universal Hermetic Prayer events per week, with two more planned for 2018 (UK & Asia). The currently times basically cover Australian and USA time zones. But people from all over the world are welcome to choose a webinar time that best suites them. All are welcome on any Universal Hermetic Prayer event.

– Webinar 1 – AUS: Thursday Evening – 8pm AEST
– Webinar 2 – USA: Thursday Evening – 8pm USA EST
*(due to worldwide daylight savings changes through the year, please always check the Esoteric School Of Higher Learning for current times)

For the first time in the history of the Alchymie, we are offering weekly Worldwide gatherings, teaching videos, training courses, product information, special interviews and lots more. These weekly events are going be available via two online channels hosted at the new ‘Esoteric School Of Higher Learning’ website – a site dedicated to the education and support for those engaged in the Alchymie of Real Spiritual Awakening.

Click here to view the Esoteric School Of Higher Learning website