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DECEMBER – The Portal Of Divine Light

Welcome to December Hermetic Year – The completion of our yearly cycle. This time is about celebration – the celebration of Christmas, the gift of giving, turning out in real feeling and relationship, open-faced, open-bodied, open hearted. Finding joy, breathing joy creating joy.

Within The Creation of the December Hermetic Year Wand Energy, A Divine Vision Appeared…

This December Energy allows a swooning in the Infinite Divine. It is the final portal in a year’s turning. It is the open sky of mind that allows us to see the Divine Star. Held within this current is the knowing again, the joy of remembrance, the gift of acknowledging all in the Love of Only God.  May it be so.

More Consideration About The True Spirit Of Christmas…

Christmas is a time for the Heart to shine through – a time for opening ourselves to that which is Greater than ‘us’ and making the gesture of giving with an open heart to others. Unfortunately, for the most part, these days Christmas has become a vast array of chaotic energy with the true spirit having been buried under a mountain of commercialism and egoic desiring.

The Alchymeic Energies are a wonderful way to clear the psyche of all the communicated energetic stress that we endure throughout this time. They help restore the True Spirit of this special period and bless all in the True Spirit and realisation of the Infinite Light that is available to us during this significant festive celebration.

Recommended Alchymeic Energies For December

The December Hermetic Year Wand
The Christmas Collection 
The Way Of infinite Return Ring
The Soulfire Octahedron