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The Year In Hermetic Terms

Pallidan-Stargate BoxOur years can flash by at such a great rate these days… we barely have an opportunity to stop and feel the Mystery of Existence! But taking this moment to ‘feel’, really should be at the Heart of all that we do, and these Alchymeic Energies will support our growth and transformation if we take the time to truly engage them. The ‘Hermetic Year’ gives guidelines for a process of transformation and Heart Awakening, no matter where you are in the world.

The world is requiring all of us to be the the presence of the ‘Awakened Form’ in order to facilitate the shift in Consciousness which is so desperately needed at this time. The Hermetic Current is a profound support for those who are ready to quicken that process.

So join us this year for a journey of deep inspection and self enquiry. Let us all BE the difference that is needed in the world at this time. We must be the ones ‘Shining The Lights’ for everyone else… Read Full January Hermetic Year Report Here>

How To Participate In The Hermetic Year

Just using the Alchymeic Products means that you have begun your Hermetic Year… But there are some more direct ways that you can get involved. Remember, the more you engage the Alchymeic Energies, the more they will unfold and intensify for you. So here is how you can participate this year…

1. Get out all of your Energies, dust them off, and set up a simple daily ‘energy’ routine.
2. Read the Hermetic Year monthly emails and articles provided by Hermes.
3. Join our weekly conference calls which are aligned to the Hermetic Year
4. Listen to the monthly Hermetic Year recordings given by Showme Showers Heaven’s Bliss – when provided. (A profound matter of spiritual guidance and insight into the Alchymie of Real Transformation).

What Is The Hermetic Year?

Threshold Pack SessionThe Hermetic year can be seen as a Ladder of Process within Divine Vision.  It is a process of Ascension, it reveals a portal of movement that awakens one beyond the dream of this place, to be able to live as the Present Immortal, one whose separative self has already died and is alive whole bodily as Divine Radiance. Such a process of transformation brings about an awakening from the dream of identification, differentiation and desire, which is the born condition of all of us who find ourselves in this school of learning, bound to the knot of separation and separative self,  ‘I’ alone, identified to it and differentiated from all, thus left to seeking, driven by desire to be released.

Such a state is suffering and is the usual man or woman. So this Hermetic process of adaptation is synonymous with the realisation of awakening to our true condition. We are awoken through this Alchymie from this dream we find ourselves to be born into with the realisation that there is actually no separation, no knot of self and no need to be released, as our true state is Prior Happiness, Infinite Consciousness and Reality Itself.

What we discover in this Divine Intervention is that the knot of ‘I’ is simply an accumulation of patterning and habitual movements that have been born out of the forgetting of our true condition. Our own intuitive knowing, that is inherent in each and every soul, held within the heart and its loving, is the flowering of this combinatorial moment, held within the Hermetic Year.

New Hermetic Year Wand Set

Hermetic Year Wand SetParticipating in the Hermetic Year process of Remembrance, we are taken month by month through the ascending process, which is coincident with the Hermetic Culture that has been established over the last 20 years. These 12 Essential  energies available in this 12 Wand set will support you through this coming year. So let the process of Awakening begin!

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The Objectives Of The Hermetic Year

1. To align ourselves to the cyclic current of the Hermetic Process and support the awakening possibility for all human beings. We facilitate the use of Alchymeic Products on a monthly basis which assists in this awakening Process and allowing this Alchymeic Process to be felt.

2. To invoke beings to the ‘Path Of Infinite Return’. The true Hermetic Year is coincident with the ‘Path Of Infinite Return’. That is, where we awaken from the dream of mortal existence into the intuitive gnosis of our own Heart’s knowing. The growth of this intuition is the basis upon which we learn to live in the Hermetic way.

3. To awaken a restoration to Prior Happiness, which is Consciousness Itself, being ignited and initiated as our True Human potential.

The Hermetic Year allows a flowering of both Hermetic Instruction and the use of Alchymeic Products to facilitate transformation, transmutation, transfiguration and ultimate translation. This process encourages us to live a truly moral and spiritual disposition, drawing us to our real possibility in every moment. The Hermetic Year encourages and facilitates this awakening at all levels of ordinary life. It also maintains our environments so that we truly may be supported with the use of the Alchymeic Products, which allow the space for the Heart to exist.