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Hermes Far Eastern Shining offers an extensive range of Energy Artefacts, from simple items like Discs and Wands, which are easily accessible and can be carried around in the pocket, to large and beautiful Artefacts, which mainly remain stationary in a home or sanctuary and carry an energy for all beings and the environment. The esoteric solution is here…!

The Esoteric Solution Is Here

Many years ago a unique way of Real transformation was brought into the world which ignited a fire that today burns deeply in the hearts of many beings all over the planet. That process has been a profound gift for all Humanity – an opportunity for all to begin to pass through a transformation so great that it would change the way we live. If you are you ready, you may cross that threshold…

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Our teaching is to inspire beings to the recognition that every action we make has a consequence and energetic impact – not only an environmental impact, but an impact on all living beings, and on the Cosmos Itself. Individuals touched by Hermes Far Eastern Shining are awakened to the intuition and Remembrance of the existence of something Greater.

About Alchymie

The Alchymie of Hermes Far Eastern Shining is about Heart Awakening; the transmutation of density and the unenlightened disposition, into the Gold of Enlightenment or Heart Intelligence. The origins of Alchymie are ancient and mysterious. The legendary Egyptian philosopher and Alchymist, Hermes Trismegistus… Read more

About Hermes

Hermes Far Eastern Shining is an Australian Company that produces Alchymeic Artifacts based on the Gnostic Science of Hermes Trismegistus. It is with the support of these Artifacts that we inspire individuals to grow beyond their present levels of limitation, inviting the process of Real Transformation. The Alchymie of true transformation is a literal process that beings intuitively desire at the heart, yearning for what is truly Great…. Read more

About The Artefacts

The Alchymeic Products of Hermes Far Eastern Shining exist to support and facilitate the transformation and evolutionary shift in mankind at this time. They function purely at an ‘Energetic’ level, effecting the auric field, the Chakra and Nadis and help to release the blocks and limitations we encounter on a daily basis. Read more…

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The Alchymeic Energies come in a variety of forms. Some are for personal use and are deigned to be carried and worn every day. Others help bring special esoteric energies into our environments to stimulate the spiritual process.

Whatever you’re looking for, whether it be for yourself, your environment, or for someone else, there’s a special Alchymeic Energy just right for you. Click here to view the entire range

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The Alchymeic Wand Energies are amongst the most important and versatile of the entire range. Designed to support you on a day to day basis, they can be carried with you wherever you go, shared with other and even used to enhance the energy of an environment. With over 460 Wand Energies, there’s something for everyone. Click here to visit our Wand Shop

What Is Easter In Esoteric Terms?

The Esoteric Essence Of Easter Easter is a time for reflection and contemplation and provides us with an opportunity to renew, align and consider our journey of spiritual growth and transformation. Easter can help us connect at a much deeper level, to our own...

You Asked For A Wand Review…

Hello friends. I have been asked by a few people to do a review on some of the recently released Alchymeic Wands – what they are, what do they feel like etc... I‘m happy to say, that this was a total pleasure! The new range of Alchymeic Wands covers a wide array of...

My Experience With Sandalphon

Hello everybody. Well its one of my favourite jobs reviewing the Alchymeic Product. I can't actually call it a job, as every time I work with them, I receive more healing and transformation than I was expecting... (What's that saying, "if you love what you do you...

December Hermetic Astrology

As we enter Sagittarius Season, we are shown where we need to look. We are pointed directly to the heart, and reminded that all we see happening around us, all that we feel, has been encouraging us to grow and transform so we can ultimately, be reborn, stronger and...

October Hermetic Astrology Report

It is written in the stars that all of us, as a collective, are preparing to end a karmic cycle we have been working through for lifetimes. As we close and wrap up this karmic cycle on a collective level, we can expect to see the energies turning a laser beam focus to...

What Is It To Be Human?

In times like these, we need to be constantly coming back to ground zero and considering who we are, what we are doing and why were are doing it. Understanding our motivations and feeling deeper for what we really should be doing, are really important if we are to...

August Hermetic Astrology Report

2020 started with the ultra-rare and potent Saturn Pluto Conjunction followed by a string of Retrogrades and potent Eclipses. But now come August, we get a chance to catch our breath... August also brings the magical Lionsgate Portal, which will be a welcome break...

Some Important New Alchymie Wands

This selection of seven new Alchymeic Wands have arrived in response to the great transition and process of awakening we are all passing through at this time. They are all specifically addressing new levels of deep psychic release, adaptation and energetic...

Two New Wand Energies To Help

Here are two new Alchymeic Energies that are a MUST at this time! As we continue to pass through a daily meteor band of chaotic communication, fear based projections and stress, we must keep walking with great strength knowing where we stand. Psychic strength is of...

Key Alchymeic Energies For This Time

Nourishment, restoration, renewal, regaining our strength - these are truly important considerations required of us at these testing times. But how to achieve such matters when all round us are going crazy...? There are many Esoteric Artefacts designed specifically to...

Get Involved – Free weekly Meditations 

Visit our sister site, The Heart Of Space Movement to discover more about the amazing Bubblers and Heart Of Space. There are many people all over the world who have been utilising the Hermetic Energies in weekly meditation gatherings and are receiving wonderful results. You can find links to at least five free weekly Bubbler meditations and energy work on the Heart of Space website.

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We love social media and already have a wonderful worldwide community of beings using and sharing the Alchymeic Artefacts. Come and participate with us online.

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I have been intimately involved with the Hermes Far Eastern Shining Artefacts for more than 12 years and every new day allows for real Spiritual growth and many Blessings! My life has become so much simpler and happier!


Teaches, Germany

I’ve always had questions about spiritual matters, for as long as I could remember. After my first drink of alchymeically empowered water, I knew I had finally connected to the secrets I was looking for…

E. Rae

Accountant, Australia

Every day, the Arterfacts of Hermes Far Eastern Shining help me in my work. When I use them, I feel reconnected, grounded and strong. I also feel restored and happy, uplifted, relaxed and recharged. I love this work!


Entrepreneur, Australia

Over 14 years of living and breathing with Alchymie, I truly feel this blessing transformed my life; my life is fuller and has a much greater level of freedom… I love sharing these Energies with my clients!


Hermes Representative, Asia