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Hermes Far Eastern Shining is dedicated to supporting all those with an intuitive impulse towards awakening and higher spiritual adaptation. These unique Alchymie Artefacts are a true blessing for all those who are ready for such a shift in Consciousness. It is our sincerest heartfelt desire that as many beings as possible have the opportunity to experience what this Alchymie has to offer.

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I use to guide people to a whole range of support tools. Not anymore... This energy work is by far the only thing making a real difference in the lives of the people I see on a daily basis.

– Antoine De Coeur – Energy Worker

The most transformative esoteric energy work I have ever encountered...! It has completely changed the way I help people. As far as I can see there's nothing else like it on the planet.

– Omni Bells, Energy Worker

What Just Happened...! I've never experienced anything like that in my life...! I've been doing meditation for over 30 years and that Energy I just sat with took me to a whole new level... I just had a major breakthrough...!

– O.B. Meditator

More About

Alchymie: The Supreme Science Of Transformation.

True spiritual transformation has all the elements of Alchymie – it requires a huge amount of heat applied steadily over years to make a difference to the usual consciousness, which is dense, karmic and lead-like. Gold is simply the symbol of enlightenment. Thus, the Alchymie is part of the Hermetic tradition, although it is utterly different from the commonplace understanding — it is not even historical, it is a new expression of it, a renewed vision, through Divine inspiration and the Hermetic spirit.

To differentiate this Alchymie from the association of alchemy with early chemistry, we spell the word as it was in the old language – Alchymie — and call the artefacts Alchymeic. This reflects our understanding of Alchymie as real spiritual transformation. This work is Hermetic Science. Here, science is to mean more than what science means today. Herein, science is to mean not merely an examination of the gross physical dimension, but an examination of the whole cosmic presentation, which is the Absolute Unity. This meaning of the word science can certainly achieve a unity with spirituality, therefore existing beyond all duality, beyond left and right, male and female, high and low. Each tiny aspect of the cosmos is thus bipolar.

Why use Alchymie

Alchymie is a way of Transforming energy from one state to another…

The Alchymeic artefacts exist to support and facilitate the transformation and evolutionary shift in mankind at this time. They function purely at an ‘Energetic’ level, effecting: 


Aura Cleansing & Chakra Ballancing


Psychic Clearing - Allowing Life-Force Flow


Restoring Harmony & Ballance


Providing Deeper Spiritual Reflection and Insight


Melbourne Mind Body Spirit Festival

Melbourne Mind Body Spirit Festival

Today and this weekend, our team are at the 'Mind Body Spirit Festival' in Melbourne Australia - Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. If you're in town, come on over and say hello to some familiar faces. Stall E79 - 'Energy Alchymie Happiness'....

A Journey Of Transformation

A Journey Of Transformation

Alchymie is a profound process that involves both purification and transformation. This ancient practice is designed to cleanse the subtle energies of the body, mind, and spirit, removing impurities and blockages that hinder spiritual growth. By engaging in this...

February Hermetic Astrology Report

February Hermetic Astrology Report

As we continue on our 2024 journey guided by the wisdom of Hermetic Astrology, reality continues to challenge our conventional notion of an infinite cosmos. Actually... the cosmic expanse, seemingly beyond our reach, is, in fact an illusion created by the intricate...



Is The Esoteric Solution!

For more than 20 years, hundreds of energetically imbued Alchymie Artefacts have been placed all over the world to help the earth’s energy, and transform humanity. The Alchymie of the Heart of Space is an energetic technology so vast that it takes us way beyond the usual paradigm, to a whole new realm of possibility… True esotericism holds the key to humanities next phase of evolution…

You too can join the movement, become part of the ‘esoteric solution’ and learn how to connect with this incredible esoteric healing presence.

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