2012 End Time…

We have reached the predicted Mayan end time of 2012 – the climactic point in human history. With all the destabilisation and chaos we are witnessing present around the world now, the energy of this moment is revealing itself to be a big transition.

As we have been passing through this transition for a long time, this shift in Consciousness, (for those aligned to the transformative process), can now be a graceful transition from the ‘linear mind’, to the ‘volumetric feeling’ dimension of existence. There is much to celebrate as we witness the dawn of this shift in human consciousness.

But in contrast to this awakening, the world is suffering profoundly! The earth plane itself is under much more pressure now than at any other time in human history. Therefore, not only is it important for us to be transformed as individuals, but we must continue to make a difference for the earth in our loving and conscious choices. 

We are urging everyone to work together to birth and allow this transition to take place gracefully on this earth plane. Here are some ways that you can participate in this healing and transformation more directly, and also to help you align within the Alchymie of this time.

Gather In The Heart Of Space

This is imperative! The Heart of Space is directly given to support the earth plane in this time of crisis and to guide humanity’s transition through this intense time. They hold the key to the shift in consciousness  and transformation of the earth’s energy.

If you have access to a Heart of Space, we are urging everyone to gather to receive the energies over the coming months. This will vastly accelerate and support your transition. Also, if you have a Heart of Space, please invite your friends and new people to experience the Energy of it. Help spread the current and allow more people to participate in the wonder of the transformation it offers.

For more information on the Heart of Space, click here>

Purchase A Heart Of Space

Now is the time for the Heart of Space to be recognised and experienced by many. They are a true blessing and extraordinary gift at this time. Therefore, we are encouraging all those who have been contemplating a Heart of Space, to come forward now to purchase one.
This is also an important time to complete your Heart of Space if you only have one or two of the Products.
It is our desire to establish as many Heart of Space sanctuaries as possible before the end of 2012. We are setting the intention to find a way to place 100 of them now. If you are capable of purchasing a Heart of Space or know somebody who would be available to consider this, for the sake of all, please help us facilitate this now. Let us work together to complete as many Heart of Space before the end of 2012 as possible.
Please contact your Hermes Representatives for more information on how to purchase, upgrade or introduce a Heart of Space.

Purchase The 2012 End Time & Earth Heartbeat Wands

Two new Alchymeic Wands were recently released which come as a direct response to this 2012 passage. Both of these have been used and received by those who have recently participated on the Tao House Presentations with Showme in London and the USA. They are both extraordinary Energies and we highly recommend using them at this time.

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