Welcome to Our 2020 Christmas Offering!

This year we have some very exciting news about the Alchymeic Wands… as well as some special new Children’s Jewellery & an opportunity to get a great deal when you buy Energy Houses.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Hermes or our representatives with any questions. Merry Christmas from all of us at Hermes.

* This Christmas Offering ends 24th of December (EST, 12 noon)

* Shipping not included in prices

* All Prices in Australian Dollars

* For any sales or enquiries – please contact us at info@hermesfareasternshining.com 



For the first time in the history of the Alchymie, Hermes is releasing the FULL list of Wands! With 460+ Alchymeic Energies, you are sure to find something to suit your specific energetic needs…!

This is a VERY exciting event indeed! Because there are so many, we’ve given them ‘general’ categories to help you understand what they are, But please understand that each Energy is a vast universe of growth, understanding and awakening, and is not limited to the category we’ve provided here. Many of the Wands have ‘cross-over’ functions – meaning that they support us in multiple ways.

We’ve provided the FULL LIST as a link below. .Full descriptions of the Energies are coming soon.. If you have a specific question about an Energy, please don’t hesitate to send us an email  – info@hermesfareasternshining.com.

*All prices included on spreadsheet.
*All Wands ordered before December 7th will be posted before the 14th of December!
* Please email info@hermesfareasternshining.com for any enquiries

New Children’s Pendant Range
Special Energies to support our ‘little ones’

So much influences a child’s development: the attitudes of parents and teachers, peer group behaviour, their exposure to fast foods, the influence of television and computer games. Caregivers must create and maintain a conscious space for children to grow and develop in a nurturing and well-balanced environment. The Children’s Collection is designed to support this for both parent and child.

These special new Pendant Energies have been created as a blessing to assist our little ones to navigate the energy of this big time, whilst helping to maintain the vulnerability and innocence of childhood.
(*Also great energies for adults… Don’t be limited by age! The call is for all ages…)

Bright Sunlight
$195 AUD
In Stock Now!

The Feeling Heart
$250 AUD
In Stock Now!

Happy Dolphin
$250 AUD
In Stock Now!

The Joyous Angel
$195 AUD
In Stock Now!

New Empowered Spray Bottles

The Alchymeic Spray Bottles have been a favourite for people all over the world for years. We are pleased to announce that this entire range has been bolstered now by two very important energies; RCsL Concoction 14 Double Strength & RCsL Auric Wonder x 10. These special Sprays are a wonderful addition to your daily esoteric restoration, at home or work, helping to clear your aura, space and lift the Energy of your environments. *Please email info@hermesfareasternshining.com for orders.


– $55 Individual ‘Arranging Sprays’
– $350 Set of 10 ‘Arranging Sprays’
– $135 Set of 3 ‘Original’ Sprays (Not sold separately – Gargoyle / Pristine / Up Up And Away)


Up Up And Away


Arranging 7
Divine Star

Arranging 256
The Breath Of Life

Arranging 186

Arranging 188
Chaos Targeter

Arranging 222
The Fifth Element

Arranging 260
The Invasion Wizard

Arranging 185
No Law For Negativity

Arranging 242
Black Magic Formal & Informal

Auric Wonder x 10
Auric Cleansing & Clearing

Concoction 14 Double Strength
Airborn Negativity

Energy House & Wand Special

We Love the Energies Houses… They are soooo important for individuals everywhere right now – helping you hold your space clear and bright!

Buy any of the first 5 Houses
and receive 5 Wands FREE!

Bright Room / Tao House / Christic House / A-Cosmic Man / Heart Of Love

(*Choose Wands from Tier 1 and 2 Wand groups only) 


There are many wondrous Alchymeic Energies that we would love to share with you all at this time of the year. 2020 been a big one for sure…! If you have any of the following Energies, we’d encourage you to get them out and include them in your daily practice at this time.

A Reminder Of The
Alchymeic Christmas Energies

Clear and bless your christmas period

– Christmas Lights Elixir Wand – $85
– Dark Christmas Tree Elixir Disc – $35
– Christmas Virus Elixir – $35
– Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh – $35
– All 3 Discs and Wand – $155 AUD

These unique Alchymeic Discs and Wand have been a true inspiration for many years – clearing and re-aligning us to the true heart of what this period is all about.

Golden Spacer Deal

The Golden Spacer remains one of the most important Alchymeic Energy Tools available at this time. Purchase a Golden Spacer this Christmas and receive the following three special Discs Free!
*Discs also available  to purchase by those who already have a Golden Spacer).

– Transmuting In The Fire
– Holy Warrior

– Divine Submission

Spacer Price: $2250 AUD

Give The Gift Of The Heart This Christmas

Help support the movement to establish many more Heart of Space On The Planet now!

This continues to be a significant time for humanity and the earth – a turning point – a shift in Consciousness. The Heart of Space is truly designed to have a profound impact on this shift at this time – clearing and transmuting the density of lifetime of unconsciousness for humanity, and creating space for the Heart to exist again – awakening The Intelligence Of The Heart.


Support Our Friends…

Hermes Invites you to support Some Of Our Other Local Initiatives

There are many things close to our heart! Some of them are the efforts being made by other organisations local to us in Australia.
Please consider how you might be able to support them by donating to their cause, or purchasing some of their items. The are doing wonderful things! Simply click on these links below to read more. Thank you.

The Garden Of Light Book
In Stock Now!

The Will Of God Book
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Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary
Donate Now!