Archangel Michael Pendant

Michael is the Angel of courage, strength and protection and he will stand by your side with his mighty sword and shield, ready to protect you. Michael means “who is like God”. In the New Testament Michael leads God’s armies against Satan’s forces in the Book of Revelation, where during the war in heaven he defeats Satan. Michael is considered a “prince of the first rank of Angels”.  (Words associated with Michael –  truth, courage, strength, success and faith.)


Passage Of the Essene
Jewellery Specials!

This is a time of Re-ignition, Re-awakening and Alignment with one’s own Heart Intuition of Eternal Knowing. The extraordinary collection of Esoteric Jewellery that has been birthed and created over the last years, is part of the emergence of what has been forgotten here.  The Essene Current awakens us to the Infinite, the feeling of Mystery and Wonder – the shape shifting of solidity. It is the rediscovery that everything is only Energy. The Alchymeic Process that you are invited to combine with is re-awakening the soul to the unconditional source of Divine Light. Human beings are purposed to allow such a Remembrance.


The Vajra is a ritual weapon based on Buddhist tradition. The pendant contains a diamond, which is representing indestructability, and four thunderbolts, which represent irresistible force.

Vajra Male

(Usually $6200)
Force of current hits the ground with an uncompromising presence. Seen as a bolt of lightning, exploding and creating a force field – annihilating all obstruction – to allow the God Light – Reality to ground.

Vajra Female

(Usually $4750)
Force of current hits the ground with an uncompromising presence. Seen as a bolt of lightning, exploding and creating a force field – annihilating all obstruction – to allow the God Light – Reality to ground.


Golden Dome Ring

(Usually $6500)
Creating Luminaries…

Golden Dome Pendant

(Usually $6200)
Creating Luminaries…

Lions gate Portal

(Usually $4150)
The Lion’s Gate Portal pendant symbolizes the possession of strength and the masculine principle, holding the current of regal dignity and victory.

Heraldic Eagle

(Usually $3750)
The Heraldic Eagle pendant is Divine Majesty – the Victory of Higher Powers.

Dead Sea Scrolls

(Usually $4500)
Knowledge holding the wisdom teaching, written to preserve for a future time.

The Essene Ring

(Usually $3800)
Strengthens our capacity to live on the basis of conversion.

The Essene Cross

(Usually $1840)
Only Eternal Life exists and can be Realised whilst alive. Holds the energy of such an awakening.

Rosa Mystica

(usually $3200)
Mystical Order of the Holy Grail whose symbol is the Rose.

Tree Of Life

(usually $3400)
Wisdom and practices of Awakening. Holds the blueprint of Circuitry and wisdom within the human body

Inner Chamber Of The Heart

(usually $1900)
This pendant relates to spiritual salvation. It is about the final passage of Awakening. 

The Way Is Sacrifice Of Self

(usually $3500)
The Wound of Love is ultimately an undeniable force, that surrender IS the Only Way out.

Ring Of Fire

(usually $2750)
Deals with all of the dark alienation of the heart, that comes to destroy the light of the Esoteric current.


The following Alchymeic Tools are a part of the profound flooding over the last 2 years of the Essene currents. Their evocation and initiatory blessing has become available through the Alchymeic Process. It is seen literally as the gift of the reawakening to the ‘energy body’ of existence – out of the solidity of the age of darkness – a time where the mind overwhelmed the Heart. Now is the time for the Heart’s intelligence or intuition to be reawakened, nurtured and grown. It is a time of allowing the feeling dimension of existence to become the expression of Being.

 The Essene Spacer & Ten New Discs

Continuing the unfolding of the Essene initiations is the incredible Essene Spacer. It is the Essene Portal Manifestation Cosmic Mind Actualising Spacer.

The spacer comes with three new discs (and all the starter Disc Energies that go underneath) – Rite of the Sepulchre / Language of the Essenes / Ascension Initiations.

Christmas Offer
$1800 (ususally $2250)
*Including 3 sets of initial Discs

+ the 10 New Essene Discs

Ten Essene Discs

$35 each or 10 for $300

*Full set free when purchased together with the Essene Spacer

*These can be used on all other Spacers and on their own.

Their communication although silent, was loud in its broadcast. They learned to speak in silence. “You will know them by their eyes”

An energy system. The all at onceness prayer of changes. One body, one current, one unity. It is the force of cosmic change.

Approximately carved 1st Century BC – in the Temple of Hathor at Dendera. On the roof, a large stone carved with the planisphere or zodiac.

Radiant light reflected through density creates a Pattern of Reflection – as lifted, more darkness is outshone. In the end, we become the Mandala for others.

Evolving Cosmic Mind potential in the human. Anthropocosmos – Cosmic man is the ultimate potential of man – Human.

The Conversion from one principle to the next. Part of the adaptation required at this time of great transition.

The Materialising Fire (Bring from Spirit Realm -> Materialising) Process of working the Combustion of the flame…

…The high schools or mystery school initiations involved all of the higher advances of human consciousness.

*…Reverse the reverse to get back to the Real. Reverse Consciousness to get back to Very Consciousness.

*The inititatory current of the enlightened form as only Divine light…. this intuitive memory is locked within the DNA. All creation immeges out of light.

Ten New Essene Wands

$125 each
*set of 5 for $530
*set of 10 for $1000

Consciousness Prior to Attention, ego and body-mind. It is always Prior Self-State, Consciousness Itself…

Initiating switches, flicking Nadi or new circuitry ON – electrifying. Enjoy a higher vibration energizing subtle nervous feeling dimension…

All form is a sound vibration. “The Word made Actual”. The Will of God – Action.

Osiris – Male
These were higher schools of learning, all of which undertook the awakening and deep knowing and integration of all stages… 

…Originates from the Music of the Spheres, or sounds of Creation. Some Light Languages come from other dimensions, universes, galaxies…

Isis – Feminine
These were higher schools of learning, all of which undertook the awakening and deep knowing and integration of all the stages of awakening.

These were higher schools of learning, all of which undertook the awakening and deep knowing and integration of all the stages of awakening.

‘Seeing’ beyond the present conventional configuration

‘Hearing’ beyond the present conventional configuration

‘Knowing’ beyond the present conventional configuration

(*All Essene Wands will increase to $150 on the 26th December)

The Essene Vial Packs

An unfolding grace of the Eternal knowing… A deep silence that communicates from eternity, and presently. An eternal sound of the Divine Current as the purpose of existence. The walls of the great Temples are alive in the great mystery that is our Hearts’ Knowing. We have walked these corridors, we have touched these walls, we know this resounding depth. The Echo of the Infinite – all-at-onceness. A depth beyond depths…  Boundless Infinite Rejoicing. Choirs of angels heralding.

Both Vial Packs are being offered together:

(usually $5600)
*Separately $2600 & $3000

Essene Vial Pack 1

Essene Vial Pack 2

Welcome To The New Threshold

A Message From the Philosopher’s Stone…

This period of time within the traditions is noted as the end of the karma, the end of the age of darkness, and the beginning of the age of Light. This is the great transitional passage of resolution of all the baggage and patterning of lifetimes, and of allowing our attention to move from the inward coil of self-protection, to the Infinite coil of Divine Reflection. This is the time that we may truly go through a conversion ‘whole-bodily’ and allow the ‘Temple Of Man’ to be a literal manifestation – the process of whole-body enlightenment. 

Within the Alchymie, ‘As Above, So Below’ means the literal awakening and realised manifestation of Divine Light whole-bodily. It is an overwhelming current that floods through our archaeological sites and allows us at last to be relieved and released from all that has bound us. It allows us to remember how this Eternal Current can flood our forms with an overwhelming gnosis that we are Divinely Purposed – that we are already profoundly loved, forgiven and restored in Eternal Wonder.  

The passage of the Essenes is coincident with this time of great transition. These Esoteric Energy Workers, who existed prior to and heralded the birth of Christ Consciousness, lived for many hundreds of years working within the caldrons, the inner chambers of the Great Pyramids. They kept the sacred mystery schools of Alchymeic existence alive. Their final lineage and living expression lasted until the age of darkness saw the overwhelm of the Cathars in the South of France through the Inquisitions. This history resounds through time as the great ache and wound of the Heart. It was a time of the murder of the Heart.

Now is the time for all of those great lineages to be re-awakened – for those nadi to be rediscovered, reignited within the Esoteric School Of Higher Learning. This is the time of the awakening to the ‘crux’ and ‘key’ of all that is locked within the DNA of our own gnosis. May this time of Conscious Awakening be a shape shifting. May the Heart Of Love be restored.  May there yet be time to release the burden of all the un-love that these ages have accumulated. May at last the Heart Of Love Win out!

May it be so.

Showme Showers Heaven’s Bliss – The Philosopher’s Stone

The Essene House

The Essene House is entering the Temple, holding all of the Essene Initiations and Ascension Codes within its structure. The Essene energies hold the most profound and sacred gifts of the Ascension process, unlocking the deep inner wisdom and intuitive knowing held within us all. It is the literal activation and re-stimulation of the codes and networks that until now, have not been known, or remembered for lifetimes.

The Essene Temple is allowing of an unfolding grace of the Eternal knowing. A deep silence that communicates from Eternity, and presently. An eternal sound of the Divine current as the purpose of existence. The walls of the great Temples are alive in the great Mystery that is our heart’s knowing; we have walked these walls, we know these resounding trumpets. The echo of the infinite all-at-onceness, a depth beyond all depths. Boundless infinite rejoicing – choirs of angels heralding. As you walk up the steps of the great Temple – Learning to stand beyond the solid plane, allowing the adaptation to light being, whole body awakening – you enter the Esoteric School of Higher Learning that is the Essene House

*Enquire for special Christmas price

The Golden Dome

The Golden Dome is a profound Hermetic artifact, with its intention being creating luminaries. On its base, the formation of a hexagram with the crossing of two Fractalisers. The Hexagram is as a symbol of Concentration. It is the sign of the Macrocosm of the greater world, because its six angles fitly represent six days of Creation. Whilst its synthesis forms the Seventh Day – represented by the centre (Day of Rest). It especially represents the concentrated force of the planets acting through the signs of the zodiac, thus sealing the astral image of nature. It is especially attributable to the Sun. It is a strength and a power.

The Hexagon is for Spreading… It signifies:
– Dispersion
– Distribution
– Radiation of a force

The base also holds all of the astrology symbols, with 7x diamonds – on resting beneath each golden sphere, and one in the centre. Each sphere holds two Arranging energies. The central rod holds the empowerment of the diamond at the tip of the pyramid, and the currents of RCsL Soulfire and RCsL Arranging 146 The Royal Pharaonic Throne (The Throne of the World). “A point of Light meets a defining Touch.”

*Enquire for special Christmas price

The Angel House

The Eternal Light House Of Angelic Realms completes a profound Alchymeic process of creation of many years – the culmination of all previous Alchymeic Products. The Alchymie brings us from mortal form to the point of Eternal Light; beginning with the awakening to the ‘Bright of Conscious Light’; then re-awakening to ‘volumetric Current’; followed by the awakening to True Spiritual Life through the ‘Christic Passage’;  bringing us into the real possibility of the evolution of human awakening with the ‘Anthropocosmic Man’; and finally awakening to the depth and intuitive gnosis of the ‘Heart Of Love’.

Witnessing the Creation Of The Angel House

When a new Alchymeic Artefact is being created, a Divine Vision is given. This vision is given via a profound ‘psychic witness’ – as all of the Divine Elements come together in perfect synergy. The process of ‘alchymeic witness’ allows a much deeper grounding, or birthing the energy – a bridge to allowing greater receptivity for all beings.

“Witness and Alchymeic birthing of this entire process, the Eternal Light as seen in the layering of the Angelic Realms is seen manifesting and taking form. Each Layering of angels is the invitation to be a participant in helping create this hole in the Universe – that we truly may know ‘As Above, So Below’ and the Eternal passage whilst alive. The gift then of this house is literally the opening of two worlds. It is allowing us to know ‘As Above, So Below’ and the passage through to Eternal existence” – Showme Showers Heaven’s Bliss – Co-founder of the Hermes Products

*Enquire for special Christmas price

Reminder Of Three Very Special & Important Wands

This time we find ourselves in as humans is extremely stressful. There is an almost audible shrill of intensity as we are bombarded daily with the news of some impending disaster, climate change, political madness and social destabilisation. Even if we are living in a seemingly stable environment, the impact of the world in crisis is a day to day, moment to moment broadcast which has its impact at almost ever level of our lives.

These three special Alchymeic Energies are a direct response to much of the impact .

$125 (Usual Price $150)

At a time where the polarised political landscape of the ‘pro’s and anti’s’ stand in the face of a pandemic, Combinatorial Concoction 41 Elixir is the Alchymeic gift and passage through – beyond all mind, fear and duality.

$450 (Usual Price $750)

When the intensity of all the separative notion of self is overwhelmed by the current of love and Divine Blessing. Helping release the energetic streams of energy in and around our multidimensional forms.

ELIXIR OF LIFE – Concoction 1431
$1000 (Usual Price $1500)

…Turning the form to Life as though re-born into Eternal Life beyond life and death. The ultimate Alchymie of it was the Light Form within the human body – which is the Infinite secret of the Alchymie.”


This incredible offer that bundles the fundamental Alchymeic Energy Tools together is an opportunity not to be missed! The PERFECT way to kickstart 2023 and get onboard with the Hermetic Year ahead. Come join us with the Foundational Alchymie Package.

These amazing ‘energy imbued’ products cover all the foundations of Living with the Alchymie. From establishing & creating sanctuary to practising psychic clearing and generating greater energy flow, you will feel the shift. Used by hundreds of people around the world, these Alchymeic tools have been specifically selected for their energetic support during these testing times. In this passage of great transition and re-awakening, the Alchymie can really open us up to new levels of flow in areas of our lives where we may have been stuck. This combination of products give us a strong foundation to support our necessary growth and transformation.


– Bright Room and 5 sets of Vials
– Zoroastrian Spacer
– 10 additional Discs

*Offer – $3000
*(Valued at$3425)


– Bright Room and 5 sets of Vials
– Stargate Boxes
– 10 additional Wands

*Offer – $3500
*(Valued at $4175)


– Bright Room and 5 sets of Vials
– Stargate Boxes + 10 Wands
– Zoroastrian Spacer + 10 Discs

* Offer – 4650
*(Valued atv $5775)

Join The Esoteric School For
‘The’ Hermetic Year 2023′

Due to many many requests for more integrated support with the Alchymeic Teaching Work, we are delighted to invite you all to join us for ‘The 2023 Hermetic Year Programme’.

As part of our Esoteric School Of Higher Learning, we are offering the Passage Of Hermetic Year to all those ready to make such a transformative journey. This passage has been walked for many years by those deeply committed to the transformative way of life – given as a way of support in the midst of the chaos of this great transitional time. Now it’s time to share the secrets of this Hermetic Instruction in depth and help guide others at this time.

All the initial years of creation and purification have been ignited within the Temple by those given over to that greater principle of intense transformation and inspection. Only now exists the Strength and Radiance required to support others – who’s Hearts desire is to participate and want more Alchymeic Immersion. To become a Heroic Heart Warrior of Truth is the invocation for the many…. It is our True Heart’s Desire to which we have been purposed all the while.

Conscious Awakening of Humanity is required now.  The Journey that has been made to this point has required courage, profound commitment and the realisation and the location of the Truth of Us amidst all that is arising. We are here ready for the next phase with you. All welcome.

More information coming soon… 

Ways To Support The Heart

Hermes Far Eastern Shining is just one expression of an incredible journey of Divine creation manifestation. There are many extensions or nucleus which have come into existence as the energy of this extraordinary Alchymie has forged its way into this world.

We’d love you to join us in supporting several associated foundations, including The Heart of Space Movement and Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary. See links below…

Two Special Books To Celebrate
The Hermetic Year Launch

To celebrate the launch of the Hermetic Year Programme we are offering two special book publications by the Founders of the Alchymie: ‘The Will Of God Is The Obligation To Love’, by The Alchymist Jessa O’My Heart, and the ‘Garden Of Light Book’, by The Philosopher’s Stone Showme Showers Heaven’s Bliss.

These two books are a perfect summary of the work of the Alchymie – the summary of Hermetic Product and the Living Expression of exquisite consciousness in the form of The Garden Of Light.

*Contact Hermes To Acquire These Books!

Give The Gift Of The Heart Of Space
This Christmas

Help support the movement to establish many more Heart of Space & Bubblers On The Planet now!

This continues to be a significant time for humanity and the earth – a turning point. A shift in Consciousness is necessary Now! The Heart of Space is truly designed to have a profound impact on this shift at this time – clearing and transmuting the density of lifetime of unconsciousness for humanity, and creating space for the Heart to exist again – awakening The Intelligence Of The Heart.


Support Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary

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