Exciting times are upon us as we unveil our much-anticipated Annual Thresholder Training Course! This cherished event is an invaluable opportunity for all Threshold Pack holders to enrich their expertise, deepen their knowledge, and further their transformational journey.


Duration: 3 weeks (3 x zoom events + work from home)
Cost: $350 AUD
Start Date: November 15th, 2023
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The Thresholder training is an integral part of the unfolding vision at Hermes Far Eastern Shining. Beyond individual transformation, it equips Thresholders to provide sessions and share the Alchymie with others. Additionally, it fuels the worldwide Heart of Space movement, aimed at establishing sacred spaces where people can gather for sessions, workshops, artefact interactions, and spiritual community building. 


So whether you have a Threshold Pack, or would like to acquire one and join in this worldwide movement of support and transformation, Hermes is now taking expressions of interest in this year’s Thresholder Training. We look forward to hearing from all current Thresholders, as well as budding practitioners!

Have You Ever Considered Owning
A Threshold Pack?

Hermes’ extraordinary Threshold Packs are a culmination of over two decades of dedicated Alchymeic work. Each Pack encompasses a treasure trove of transformative Esoteric Energies, meticulously crafted for personal and practitioner use, serving to facilitate the passage of awakening and personal growth.


Unlock An Array of Incredible Benefits:

Dedicated ‘You Time’: 
Embrace personal healing, renewal, and profound self-transformation.


Awaken Beyond the ‘Self’: 
Learn to facilitate transformation not just for yourself, but for others as well.


Discover Hidden Treasures: 
Uncover the profound mysteries within each energy.


Break Free: 
Release old patterns and limitations that have held you back.


Embrace Empowerment: 
Step into your role as a radiant being, a Light Warrior in a world in need of spiritual illumination.

Five Great Reasons To Enrol In The Training

Flexible Learning:
Can’t attend live? No problem! All webinars are recorded for your convenience, allowing you to revisit the content at your own pace.
Not Just for ‘Active’ Practitioners:
This course is not exclusive to those already using the Packs in their practice with others — it’s open to ANYONE with a Threshold Pack. Go deeper into the Alchymie of your Threshold Pack.
Pack Versatility:
Regardless of the size or type of Threshold Pack you possess, you can participate. We welcome those with smaller 30 or 60 Vial Packs, all the way up to the 300 Vial Arranging Pack. This course is for everyone! 
Tailored Content:
Our course outline is designed to align with the specific Threshold Pack you own, ensuring a personalised learning experience.

 Share the Wonder:
One of the most profound gifts of owning a Threshold Pack is the ability to share its wonder with others. Let us show you how!

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