A Time For Divine Feminine. The Sun enters Virgo shortly after the Aquarius Full Moon. As the Sun makes its way into the earthy sign of the Virgin, and the fiery Leo energy begins to dissipate, we may find ourselves slowing down and narrowing our focus. Virgo season is a good time to get organized, clear the clutter, and create a healthy relationship with our body mind and soul.

Virgo is represented by the Virgin, which symbolizes independence, inner strength, and the knowing that we are made of Source energy- the same energy that makes up everything in the Universe.

In this context, “virgin” is a symbol of wholeness. Our innate and true state of being is already whole. We are the Universe in a human shell. We are the entire ocean in a drop of water, and it’s the energy that Virgo brings that can remind us of this.

Using our  Astrology Wand to transmute our intentions;

1 Feeling our connection to the Divine feminine.

2 Feeling our personal identification with the Divine feminine

The Astrology Wizard Wand

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