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Angel Of Light Adaptation


The Story…

It is said that over many lifetimes we have adapted to unconsciousness and have lost our vision of the Divine in this place. The ‘usual’ life is a maelstrom within which we can scarcely take a breath that does not suck us deeper into the mire and the muck. But we are called to ‘wake up’ in this place, from the dream of unconsciousness. There is help given at the Angelic level, which invites and invokes us to live as the awakening disposition.

In the Alchymie of creation, a Divine vision appeared…

“The realm of angelic form appeared, which is a doorway. All angelic form requires the ignition of intention. So this Energy is about the igniting of the angelic current, the embrace and help of Divine Light. Unless we become the invitation, angels can’t ignite or work. We have to invite that intention. Enjoyment of the Divine requires Real practice in abiding in and as the mystery of existence beyond the humourless, emotional, disassociation of the activity of mindedness, to the point where at last Only God stands out. We are lifted from our exhausted, overwhelmed, psychically stressed disposition and re-inspired and restored to the remembrance of our true form, which is more like an Angel.”

The Angel Of Light Adaptation….

This Angel is given to help us move beyond the karma of darkness and into the Light – adapting to the Age of Light. Be lifted by the ‘touch’ of Love itself. Abide in and as the ‘mystery of existence’. This Energy may be felt as an inspiring and uplifting current, a blessing of remembrance to ‘lift us’ beyond our ordinary, karmic tendencies.

Male Angel Of Light Pendant


Female – yellow gold charm includes bracelet / male – yellow gold pendant.