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The Way Of Infinite Return Rings

Never before released to the general public, these exquisite gold rings hold a very powerful and important Energy. A spiral of Infinite Return to the Divine Star.The way was shown as ascension beyond mortal form into the Light source. From above, attention was drawn infinitely upwards and upwards, with a focus maintaining attention on the Light source.

Those wearing the ring were a group of beings already connected in the Infinite well of Light, with a direct connection to the path of return. Returning to the God Light and returning to Absolute Unity, all below can be seen as the tricky structures that one passes through and yet is not obstructed by as this passage is maintained through and beyond to Absolute Unity.

These two rings are a profound blessing for all those choosing to walk this path of Infinite Return!


Male ring has a square buff top citrine *female ring has a circular cut citrine

Male & Female Rings

Way Of Infinite Return Ring - FemaleThe Female Ring – The first thing I see in the Ring is rings of light, as though the rings of light are in water – which instantly shows me that they are the Light entering this matter, because the well, the emotional life, and the well of existence are always seen as water. So I can see the Light as it enters the water, radiates these rings of Light and the intensity at the heart of the Ring is a cross. It’s as if the stone is in the middle of the cross and the stone is the passage – the same shape and current of the Christic House – the Threshold Portal. It’s like its a key to be able to get into the passage and that’s what I got from the Female current. The cross appeared as a three dimensional space, not a cross. So always these things are the Crux and the Key.

Way Of Infinite Return Ring - MaleThe Male Ring – Again the shape of the Octahedron – As Above, So Below. It’s the creating of the temple, Hermes Invisible Pyramid. So you’ve got the pyramid, which is a way of grounding that which is sacred, and then its reversing below as a mirror image, which created the Octahedron or the seed of implanting Conscious Light. So holding this male ring is much more about structure, but its about Divine structure and creating that structure as a form actualised to implant the Divine seed. So very different from the feminine. It is solid but solid in the refined structure of Infinite Light.

So, As Above So Below. The male is brought into the form to create structure, the female is given the way out of the emotional well into the resurrection of Conscious Light. They are opposing currents, yet of the same.

In The Achymie Of Creation A Divine Vision Was Given…

“It was a prophetic dream… It wasn’t just a vision. I was taken to the space of seeing and feeling all those people who had the ring, and even though they had capes on that’s how you could tell who they were, because all of a sudden a profound Light would shine from the ring. Underneath their capes they were pure Light. But it was almost like they were too much to be integrated and yet they were pure God Light. Their communication as they walked was as though you could be in Australia and in Europe simultaneously because there was no time, there was no space, there was no dilemma at the level of existence. It was just a knowing, you just knew it and acknowledged it because you could communicate beyond time and space. Which is really how it is – it is a felt relationship and the limitation of time and space dissolves. So the ring I feel to release  and its importance identifies one of the chosen, already ordained beings of the God Light. It is a symbol that holds the key (the crux and the key), you could tell everyone from their ring. You wouldn’t know them, but you’d see the ring and the Light would explode, like Diamond Light.

The Ring is like a way through into that passage. The passage literally is how to walk through dimensions, it’s how to walk through life and death. And as you abide in eternal life, you can walk in and out of it. You see, the seventh stage realised beings talk about that – well I can see that the gift of this is that possibility, for all those who choose to wear it, or all those who are chosen to wear it.