The Food And Beverage Spiritualiser

As our forms are lifted and transformed over time, so to is it necessary for the energy of the food and beverage that we receive.

The Food and Beverage Spiritualiser brings a clearing and blessing energy to optimise the intensity of all that we ingest. In tern, this helps the energy of our food to combine with our forms more easefully and support us to be more like Light than flesh.

One of the original intentions of the Food and Beverage Spiritualiser was to help us awaken to the recognition that as we evolve, we must support our forms to incorporate and conduct the Eternal Current of Divine Light and Radiance.

In addition to the four golden, glass spheres holding a vast array of special Alchymeic Energies, the Food and Beverage Spiritualiser holds a clear Soul Fire Octahedron in the centre, with four diamond bezels in the four corners, sitting upon a spinning base.

Within The Alchymie Of Creating The Food & Beverage Spiritualiser,
A Divine Vision Appeared:

The vision appeared of bodies standing before the God Light; opened through the extended form; arms spread, heart extended, head tilted back. On the in-breath, these forms were receiving this beautiful current of radiance from above, on the out-breath, they were feeling and allowing this Infinite current to permeate through the entire body-mind. The Food and Beverage Spiritualiser also appeared like dancing golden balls filled with a vibratory current. The balls lift upward and downward, again and again, allowing their radiating current to split through the central core of the Food and Beverage Spiritualiser, then shooting outwards in all directions. As this exploding Light hits the molecules, they animate with radiance, igniting in a current of recognition, touching and awakening us with real gratitude – the recognition of the sacrifice of the life-force, the living sacrifice of all things for the sake our survival.

With every Alchymeic Energy that we combine with on this Food & Beverage, our bodies receive a whole new spiritualised form. The Octahedron appears, its base in the belly, expanding out through the extended arms, up through the forehead and then Infinitely above.

The intention held within each golden ball is the current and Alchymie moving to penetrate all of the nourishment that we are to receive; from the apples that are sitting around, to the food on the benches, to the food that we are creating, to the meals that we are preparing. This Food and Beverage Spiritualiser current is animating everything in all directions, touching every last little bit with the embrace and magnification of Divine Light.

The intention therefore, is to allow the gesture of Divine embrace, acknowledging all food, all sacrifice to be part of the sacrifice of Only God. May it be so.”

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