The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler

The Qualitative Evolution Bubblers are felt to be an important part of the sacred geometry of Heart of Space Centres and thus they can be used in place of, or in addition to the Saturn Bubbler to complete a Heart of Space Centre. The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler is a truly evolutionary current, it is not ‘solid’; this current invokes the leap into the esoteric, allowing this ascension to actualise at the level of life “As Above So Below”. Unlike the Saturn Bubbler, the Qualitative Evolution Bubbler is not fixed to a particular State or Country once positioned. The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler is designed to support the Saturn Bubblers as a force for grounding the Divine Light in this world.

In the final months of 2005, the Qualitative Evolution Bubbler was created as a direct response to the growing crisis of the state of the earth plane itself. The magnitude of this crisis, (reported by endless scientific research), lead to an overwhelming gesture that had be made with immediacy if we are to have a future at all. This present circumstance is obviously beyond human capacity to be able to make the difference at the material level. Divine Grace and a shift in consciousness must be ignited for the heart’s cry to be heard. The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler is the embrace to allow the Divine hand to enter as radiance and to touch the hearts of humankind, it is a call to Unity Consciousness, beyond the separation and mindedness that has brought us to this moment. Its specific intention is to support the psychic structure of the earth plane at an esoteric level.

In the psychic witness, the Qualitative Evolution Bubbler’s purpose was revealed to support the integrity of the internal structure of the earth plane itself, at an energetic level. It is dealing with the essence/feeling nature of the earth as a living organism. It is working at core levels. Just as the body has meridians, the earth plane too has energetic meridians. The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler is specific to these energetic meridians, helping to hold their integrity, whilst the earth as a living organism appears to be under extreme duress. This imbalance has been created from the earth absorbing lifetimes of man’s unconscious and ignorant actions.

Please note: These are advanced Alchymeic artifacts and are not for general sale to the public. They are usually provided for use by Alchymie groups and for larger esoteric considerations, as together they form a significant part of the Worldwide Alchymeic Presence. If you are seriously interested in holding one of these sacred objects please contact us for more information.

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