The Collections

communication-collectionThe Collections are groups of Alchymeic Energies (Wands & Discs), that together form a common purpose. Each group of Energies address a certain area of transformation within the energy fields and circuitry of our body-minds, working together to help clear and release the pressures of things like built up energy.  The Collections are also designed as ‘portals’ of Remembrance and Awakening, to transform different aspects of our lives. They are an inspiration to greater levels of understanding and growth.

The Collections consist of selected Wands and Discs and a small booklet containing descriptions and suggestions for their use. Each Wand and Disc is imbued with a specific ‘Alchymeic Intention’ to help transform aspects of limitation and habitual karmic patterns that we tend to identify with. We must transcend all such limitations in order to ‘Remember’ our true essence.

Fractal Earth

The energies of the Fractal Earth Collection are designed to help us meet the challenges and obstacles in life. To have the strength to deal with the ‘shocks and knocks’ and the space to respond freely to whatever the next moment brings.

Psychic Clearing

Energetically, we are continuously affected by our environment and people around us. This Collection is intended to help you to clear the psychic pressure we face every day and to help you find the space to feel free wherever you are. It is a key for energetic clearing and a basic spiritual practice.

Iron Heart

Iron Heart moves to open the Heart as a ‘feeling centre’, inviting the remote arrogant head to fall into this heart-consciousness. When this feeling centre is open, it is felt to be a vulnerable position and we may quickly close it again to protect ourselves. There can be no protection where we have become Love.


The Energy Tools within the Transformation Collection have been created to heighten our intuitive awakening and the penetration of Real Consciousness.

Abundance Collection

This Collection is designed to inspire greater consciousness in our relationship to abundance. Our capacity to invite the Infinite Current into our lives is ultimately a life full of happiness, humour and trust! Abundance isn’t a dream or an amount of money, we may see this begin to reflect outwards in signs.


These Energy Tools are intended to enhance the vibratory current of each chakra, to assist in the process of transformation and help us discover possibilities beyond the limitations and karma that otherwise block our creative capacity.


Our children are the future, and so this Collection of energies has been created as a blessing to assist us in bringing real ‘heart’ and consciousness to children.

Touching Light

This Collection is an introduction to the strength and power of the energies of Hermes Far Eastern Shining. It is an invitation to move with greater feeling and awareness.


Real communication comes from our heartfelt responses to other beings and is always centred upon what these other beings are really communicating and not just some ‘political spin’ that is floating around in bubbles. 

Food Blessing

With this Collection we are invited to discover our appropriate relationship to food as nourishment. Engaging the Wands provided also invites a blessing to lift the vibration of food and drink.

Functioning Truly

Functioning truly is to move in incisive ways, perceiving the obvious, beyond what appears to be possible. Mere possibility is a delusion. All that we have is the obvious, which is beyond possibility.


Use the energies in this Collection to discover the simple enjoyment of the garden and to bless your plants and natural environment with these transformative energies.


The intention of this Collection is to support men in their awakening to true manliness and through the evolutionary passage that is required to discover the conscious relationship to others and the world.


Releasing the karma that women have endured throughout the ages. Allowing the possibility for women to be resurrected to the fullness and beauty that is the true essence of the female ‘awakened’ to Consciousness.


We are constantly in relationship with all beings, at all times. Real relationship requires that we engage all others from the disposition of love, serving and inspiring one another’s awakening to consciousness.


The Meditation Collection is to inspire us to the highest practice of meditation so that we may intuit and feel a greater connection and communion with the Divine.

Radiant Beauty

Gaze at a rose, a rock, a tree and we begin to feel the beauty that is the Divine. In this way, discover what beauty truly is. Beauty is a discovery found in the Heart.

Sixth Sense

We may not be allowing our full potential as human beings without being psychic or feeling. This Collection is an invitation to awaken this inherent capacity.

Ultra Tech

It is true there are many undeniable benefits associated with such technology. Finding the balance, minimizing the damage, staying one step ahead of the rapid technological advances, and maintaining the human quality of our lives is the ‘name of the game’ and the inspiration for this Collection.

Vital Exercise

The physical form does not exist by its own power, it is a vegetative function. It is lived by the universal life- energy that also lives all other things and beings.