Disc Of The Month - Three MonkeysThe Discs are one of the key energy tools of Hermes Far Eastern Shining. Each Disc holds an Intention to transform particular habitual ‘patterns’, desires or karma that keep us locked into negative ways of thinking and acting. Receiving these energies may help to dissolve aspects within us that are blocked, freeing up the flow of life-current within our being and allowing an awakening to greater and renewed responses to life and to each other.

The Discs can be used by placing a glass of water on them. This imbues the water with the Alchymeic Energy imbued in the Disc. As water holds memory, when you drink the water, you are able to receive the Alchymeic Energy of that particular Disc. The Discs are used personally and able to be shared between family members or with a partner. The energies are designed to work regardless of how they may be felt or interpreted by the senses. Engaging the energies is a practice and it inspires a learning of how to ‘allow’, ‘let go’ and ‘receive’.

Here is an example of some of the Disc Energies.

*There are hundreds of Alchymeic Energies available as Discs in our online store.

As Long As Grass Grows

Helps us replace whatever thrill we get from substance abuse by addressing the real ‘energetic’ level of our desiring, and leads us to a more creative destiny than the escape of mere intoxification. 

Divine Communion Or Bust


Divine Communion Or Bust. Abide in Communion with the eternal Truth now and forever more. What else is there to do…?

A Stitch In Time

With this Energy we are referring to the brain-mind in time. The mind is the unextended form. Mind is a function, it is not a space, it is not a ‘something’. It is about bringing energy flow to areas of weakness, allowing the Divine current to enter our whole being more easefully..

All Wound Up

The Energy All Wound Up  helps release the moment to moment build up of energetic stress, so that we may enjoy at least the possibility of greater conductivity of the life-force. Those partaking here should enjoy a great feeling of relaxation and a greater ease of movement… 

In Country Sleep

At some time in the past some of us as children enjoyed more freedom from the heartless violent world of adults and therefore we could have been said to live truly in the halcyon days of our youth lasting into adolescence… 

The Wrecking Ball

This Energy is about blowing the past away, helping us to break open the rigid structures and patterns we are holding onto (structures created by fear), allowing something new to begin…

Fire Bird

Firebird was created to invite a current of penetrating Light Energy to move down and through the crown chakra, to open the block created there by a communication of extreme ‘fear of death’… 

Don Juan Egg Elixir

This is the vibratory current in relation to the egg, or the fundamental energetic structure of the being, as described by Don Juan… 

How To Use The Discs

The wonderful Alchymeic Artefacts have many different forms. Some of the more common ones are the Wands and Discs. Here is some additional information about how to use the Wands and Discs that people often ask for.

They are not designed to be carried around like a Wand, the Transformation occurs with receiving the Energy of the Discs via the empowered water. Each Disc holds a specific intention to transform and dissolve habitual patterns, motivations or karma* that keep us locked into negative structures thus allowing a new and enlivened response to each other and the world at large. The Discs can also be used to purify the daily psychic ‘baggage’ and accumulation of energy that we inadvertently take on through our everyday living and working.

The Discs are used by placing a glass of water on them. This empowers the water with the specified imbuement of the Disc. As water holds memory, when you drink the water, you are able to receive the Energy of that particular Disc.

The Discs have a marked effect that can often be felt immediately. How the Discs continue to ‘work’ depends on their present evolutionary development. At present the typical response is an initial energy that temporarily appears to disappear and return within a minute or so, building to greater intensity. This apparent disappearance is because the energy of the Disc has gone beyond the sensory threshold.

* Karma simply means tendencies; to do this or to do that. Evolution is the way to dissolve karma. Tendencies are made unnecessary by doing something all together different, no longer animating the tendencies. Mostly this would mean the person is evolving to choosing another course of action based on sacrifice and service, which is the demand for our time and energy.

To Receive the Energy of the Discs:

  • Find a quiet place to sit. Take some deep breaths and allow yourself to relax and come to rest.
  • Place a glass of water on top of the Disc, this imbues or charges the water with the Alchymeic energy.
  • Rest your fingers on the Disc while receiving three sips of the imbued water. You may find that closing your eyes helps you to relax and focus on receiving the Energy.
  • Breathe fully and deeply. With every in-breath, receive the fullness of Infinite Light, with every out breath, release into the Mystery of Existence… relax and let go. Allow the Energy to permeate through your entire form, toe to crown.
  • Allow all distractions or thoughts to subside and dissolve with every breath. Continue to relax and allow yourself to feel the movement of energy through your being.

The same Disc may feel quite different when it is engaged over time, so don’t always expect the same response. As we grow and change with the variation of energetics and circumstances (even daily) the response we receive from engaging the Discs can alter as different levels within our multi-dimensional being are touched and transformed.

Sharing the Discs

On their own: Although the Discs are given as a personal tool for Transformation, they can also be shared between immediate family members or with an intimate partner. It is encouraged that people acquire their own discs as they ultimately relate to the energy of each person and their particular ‘karma’ and patterns.

On a Spacer: If using the Discs on a Spacer the Discs may be shared with another person, where this person is available for help and our response is one of caring. If someone has felt the benefit from a Disc energy they have been given, they then should be encouraged to acquire their own Disc.

As with all of the Artefacts, the Discs align themselves to the user and it is a matter of discretion and appropriateness as to when we share our Discs with others. We must hold the integrity of these sacred esoteric Artefacts or the effectiveness of the Energies may diminish or be negated.

The Single Spacers

This Artefact is designed to intensify and potentise the Discs. The Spacer’s intelligence and imbuement allows multiple Discs to be stacked; this allows the possibility for different combinations, intentions and Energies to be received at once. Without the Spacer, we can only receive the Discs one at a time.

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