The Anthropocosmic Energy House

Anthropocosmic Man HouseThis Energy House assists the realisation of whole-body Enlightenment. It is allowing the True Form – the vehicle for Divine Enlightenment to be made manifest. It is given to support us as we begin to transmute the cramped condition and the chemistry of stress, into the chemistry of Enlightenment. Therefore this House is all about the spark, the initiatory current taking hold. It is the Temple of Man and that which allows the Consciousness of existence to be realised as non-separation from the prior condition, which is always, already, eternally the case.

Please note: These are intermediate Alchymeic artifacts and require a degree of previous experience with the Alchymie. Contact us for more information about the requirements for holding these sacred objects.

Pharonic Wisdom

Pharonic wisdom is held within the construction of this house, which is the doctrine of the sages. What is born is destined to die. There is only what results from death in a reactive manner can live eternally. The soul, which makes for life, is transmitted in nature to what is born, and animates it transitorally. The soul can be liberated only when all mortal aspects have been destroyed. So pharonic mind believed only in the soul, the only immortal life, a cause that cannot be re-absorbed by a resistance, and hence it brings a cessation of duality. The rest, all of nature, is but symbol: the phases of fall and of liberation. Throughout nature God reveals his qualities as natural symbols, the living symbol of nature is Divine. This is the Magic of Analogies. The symbolism of Pharonic Egypt remained rooted in Truth or Eternal Wisdom – Truth will be Beauty. That’s why its architecture adapts to number and harmony not ascetic considerations.

To the Pharonic mind, man is anthroposcosmos, a whole, the Universe itself. Within Pharonics, the symbology allows one to be immersed in its felt interpretation and transmission – it is a living current, it is alive as the present moment, it is alive as the intelligence of the heart, it is presently communicating, the walls the floors speak, one has to learn to awaken and be able to hear and surrender and allow its evocation to the flowering of what is inherent within our own form, to become an initiate. In ones emergence in this current one awakens to the flowering of ones own intuition and gnosis of the Divine, that is inherent within the born vehicle as reflection of Divine possibility, hence the Temple of Man. The West was overwhelmed by the conquering of the Greek and by the philosophy of the Greek, which was mind and theorizing and overwhelming of the heart and its intelligence, hence the époque of the age of darkness. So it was linear thought, object, subject – the separation of one against the other, duality as opposed to Pharonic thought or volumetric current, or unity or unified where all is simply arising as Only God, indivisible unity, the eternal present moment.

As we enter this new époque of the Age of Light, this re-emergence of Pharonic thought through the Hermetic Current of our Alchymie, we begin again to build the Temple, holding within its structure, the symbology of evocation of the Divine awakening within our own forms.

The Central Vial

The Anthropocosmic House, is the first house that will have the empowerment of a central vial that enters a capstone, within its configuration. The central rod stands directly from the base, infinitely above to the gold capstone, holding the diamond, with a direct correlation to the sacred geometry of the Great Pyramid, the top point is the point of contact, the Divine reflection of as above reflecting as so below.

The Base

Held within the inscription of the base of the Anthropocosmic House is a configuration of the sacred architecture and evocation of perfect man or the Enlightened One, based on the direct interpretation of the Temple of Luxor. In 1957 Schwaller de Lubicz – philosopher -“The Temple of Man”, imposed a discipline of Pharonic thought and submitted to a journey of awakening during a 12 year period. His miraculous interpretation and gnostic awakening left not one inscription, hieroglyph or line untouched. Never before has any human in contemporary time been able to interpret the volumetric current of the ancient Egyptian Pharonoic thought. His awakening and wisdom is synchronistic with Divine Enlightenment. So the evocation of this Temple and its shape, holds the human structure. (Picture used in Perfect Summary) Within the base, therefore, is held the Enlightened Form. Added to this structure are the lines which have been superimposed along the horizontal plane, which allow for the extension of the arms and the horizontal evocation of heart awakening. This following on from the Christic House and its gnosis of the Christic threshold, which is the opening point between – as above so below. The stones that empower: the diamond in the higher mind, the invocation of the Divine Star – superconsciousness. the green emeralds, on arm extensions and legs invoking the empowerment of the human flesh form. the yellow topaz to empower the hara or the furness of the soulfire, the initiatory fire and hara. And finally, the ruby on the right side of the heart representing the Divine spark entering the form. The two extra energies appear inscribed on the base, to the north Arr 1441 – energy representing a clear passage to the Divine Star and ARR 50, the Present Moment is an Absolute Eternity. Summation The intention and usage of this Anthropocosmic House holds the evocation of whole body Enlightenment. Its intention and volumetric current initiates the spark of eternal gnosis. It invites and evokes all who will submit to its current, a temple of wisdom as though once more an initiate on the path of infinite return. In the mere abiding and yielding to its current, one is seeded with the eternal flowering of Divine wisdom and whole body awakening – May it be So

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The Energy Houses are a wondrous addition to the Alchymeic Product range. They are a key component in supporting us at these times of great energetic need. Originally designed to support practitioners in varying fields giving one-on-one sessions, the Energy Houses hold the intention to clear the psychic environment of a room, building and beyond. They ‘hold’ a space often referred to as sanctuary, an environment that is clear and aligned to supporting our highest potential. That is why these wonderful Energy Houses are being cherished by many people all over the world. Even in big city’s and places where  it is difficult to find space, the Energy Houses are supporting those with the intuitive impulse towards all matters of the ‘Light”.

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