The Zoroastrian Energy House

With the release of our latest Hermetic Product, we are truly beginning to see and feel some remarkable responses from around the world. And as this response comes, there is always a thrill of urgency and realisation that they need to be received by many more people, to help make the necessary shifts within Consciousness at this time. The Zoroastrian House has been one of the most significant products released this August.
The speed at which forces of both the dark and the Light are at play at this time have escalated to appear in the vision as though dimensions are warring. Slipping in and out, as though sliding doors are opening and shape shifting at a quickening pace. This speeding up is a Divine purifying current where consequences are revealed instantly and the invitation to turn to a higher principle of existence is being made resoundingly obvious. The call to Heart Awakening and to abide beyond the maelstrom, is the stability this Zoroastrian house invokes. Sit in this temple and invoke the Divine Intervention it imbues – find solace as the storms are at hand… May It Be So!

We are delighted to present the latest Energy House – the Zoroastrian House. Based on the marriage of the great Zoroastrian religion with the Alchymeic Current, this new Energy House brings a whole new level of stability and depth of transformation.

Zoroastrianism was based in Persia and could have been a stable influence for anything up to 5000 years. So with respect to the Zoroastrian Current, the Energy represented here gives rise to the ‘creative control’ in the play between good and evil. This new Energy House is a profound new gift to help penetrate and split the very fabric of this place, to allow more Divine Light to enter at such a critical time.

The Zoroastrian House

The Zoroastrian House sits upon a specially designed base which has 4 plaques, holding some of the most sacred and important Alchymeic Energies ever created.

  • The Emerald Tablet
  • The Hermetica
  • The Temple Of Man
  • The Akashic Record

These Energies have long been held in high regard by those using the Alchymie all over the world. For these special Energies to be included in the creation of the Zoroastrian House, is a profound shift.

What people are feeling about the Zoroastrian Temple House

“When I first viewed the new Zoroastrian House I thought it looked amazing. However, I didn’t get the chance to properly sit and feel it’s energy. For the few days following I kept getting visions of it and the feeling that I was being drawn back to it – like our encounter was incomplete, and I felt an urgency to actually come to understand what this new Energy was all about. When I finally got the chance to sit with the new House it instantly grounded me all the way through to my feet and beyond. It was a profound sense of arriving, or standing whole-bodily present, with the strength and energy to deal with anything. I had the sense that I was being held, pressed to the present moment, whilst my attention was set free to witness or see what was going on around me and in the world. It was not like anything other energetic experience I’d had! I was also all of a sudden totally thirsty and spontaneously drank 3ltrs of water! I realised afterwards my body was craving the energy of the House – like I’d been waiting for that level of strength and support for a LONG TIME! Thank you so much! It is obvious that this Energy is really needed in the world at this time! I will absolutely be acquiring one of these Houses shortly.”Roger Holmes

“I was fortunate enough to be in the field of the Zoroastrian House for a few days without leaving, which was such a sublime holding and peace beyond all peace. When I did leave its’ field after that period of immersion, suddenly I could feel again the energetics of the warring between the dark and the light in the field around me, and the pressure that such constant aggravation places on the bodily form and psychic field as a stress and debilitation. A truly significant holding space prior to all that is arising.” – K. Springs

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