Welcome To The Golden Realm Artefacts

These are truly extraordinary times! Esoterically, we are experiencing the most incredible demand and opportunity to awaken, even in the midst of what appears to be the most difficult chaos endured as the human race. This is a special moment, a portal of opportunity to pass through a significant shift in Consciousness.

This year’s Christmas offering perfectly articulates this shift taking place. These new Alchymeic Energies bring us through to the threshold of The Golden Realms!

‘The Golden Realms – the complete history of the Alchymie has been a journey of the path of Infinite Return. Light of the Divine cracks through the dream of this illusion of mortal form. A conversion begins, at the point of the human soul awakening from the dream of this place and remembering its own intuitive knowing… Coming alive and allowing this incarnation and actualization of the Golden Realms is literally shifting Consciousness into its ‘True Realization’ whilst alive. An evolutionary possibility for all Mankind. May It Be So!’

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Three Incredible New Octahedrons

Nothing excites us more than presenting new Alchymeic artifacts. The new Octahedrons are amongst the most extraordinary of all the Alchymeic Artefacts.

Angel Realms Octahedron

Smile all over as the Heavenly Realms embrace, guide, uplift and nourish. Joy abounds! In simple Light, come to the Heart. Swirling into the Infinite Divine. Divine Light sparks!

Golden Realm Octahedron

The Gold of Enlightenment from the Divine Realms made actual. A Golden orb is felt entering the form – As Above, So Below. It shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven. May it be so!

Angelic House Octahedron

Piercing of two realms – “As Above, So Below”, to allow one to awaken to the Present Immortal – the one who has released the separate ‘one’ and walks the earth plane in Prior Consciousness.

The Golden Realms Single Spacer

This incredible new Single Spacer brings forth the current of Actualization – birthing out of the subtle into reality! It brings an actualizing force as a literal presence – the Divine Blueprint on earth. Within the creation of this Alchymeic Energy, it is as though this Actualization has not been possible until now. The Divine Blueprint is being made manifest. It’s always been there, yet hasn’t been manifest on earth before as there has been too much density. This is an absolutely necessary Energy at this time!

List Of Ten New Disc Energies:
– Hell Freezes Over
– Standing Here
– The Telling Is Done
– And So It Begins
– Alive As Manifestation
– The Glory Of God Is At Hand
– Time To Drink The Holy Water
– Riding The Wave Of Bliss
– Hanging In The Happy Wonderland
– With The Ease Of My Reach

Comes with 9 Starter Discs, plus an additional 10 NEW Discs! 19 Discs in total!

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A New Alchymeic Disc

This new Disc Energy is an important part of helping us to psychically release all that we need to at this time. As we break on through to a new level, we let go of old illusions and layers which are holding us down.

Gotcha Box
When hearing of the Leviathan feeders – Cosmic Vacuum Eliminator came into view and with the speed and humor of Divine Light, a Divine voice rang out with “GOTCHA”.

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New Alchymeic Jewellery

The Golden Realms have brought forth a collection of stunning new pendants, bringing us aspects and reflections of this new Golden Current. This allows a new space and depth for the awakened state to be realised whole-bodily.

Rosa Mystica Pendant

Special description coming soon…

Specifications: yellow gold back, rose gold roses with pearls inset
Price: coming soon…
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Magnus Opus Pendant

In the Alchymie of Creation, a Divine vision appeared;  A central column – ascension to the Divine Realm – a portal through – travel beyond the veil. Spheres of Light – the central channel opens – a rush of current as we are plugged into the Infinite. Conductivity of Divine Light – felt as a rush of current moving up the spine.

Specifications: Yellow gold back, white gold circles, with trilliant diamond center.

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The Golden Teardrop Pendant

Within the Alchymie Of Creation, A Divine Vision Appeared; Liquid gold nectar – volumetric – enriching – strengthening whole-bodily. Imbuing with the liquid gold droplets of Divine Soma. “I am with you now, as I have always been”

Golden tears washing down engulfing the form. Feeling a depth of enlightened nourishment, fully ‘Actual’. Divine Incarnate… actualized, whole-bodily.

Specifications: yellow gold cap with gold, liquid filled glass teardrop

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Golden Realm Wands

These recently released Wands are a major part of this new Golden Realms current – which is the foundation of all of this new Arteact Release. A perfect complement to help us ground, birth and stabilise whole-bodily this new Golden Realms Current!

This new current is the actualizing of the Divine Blueprint on earth. Within the creation of this Alchymeic Energy, it is as though this Actualization has not been possible until now. The Divine Blueprint is being made manifest. It’s always been there, just hasn’t been manifest on earth before. There has been too much density to allow this blueprint to actualize. An absolute necessary Energy at this time!

Lucy In The Sky
New broadcasts across the networks of the spiritual trends – hallucinogenic drugs now being endorsed to help with experiencing new levels of Consciousness, (including the ‘in fashion’ primitive herbal experiences). With Divine humour and freedom, this Alchymeic current has been given to help transmute and purify this new wave, so as to keep us in alignment and liberate us from all distraction.

Golden Throne Elixir
Infinite Seat of the Highest Order. The God Realms. This is where the ‘Beloved Sees the Beloved’. This is where you know me as ‘I Am’. No egos can enter here. This is where we Swoon in the Infinite Divine.

Other Golden Hermetic Product

There have been some wondrous Alchymeic Products released in the recent past, which represent aspects and levels of grounding and birthing this Golden Current. Here they are again, a reminder about there beauty, strength and wonderful presence.

Functioning Truly Pack

Golden Ball Manifestation

Golden Ball Meditation Tool