The Spacers

The Spacers are Alchymeically empowered devices that allow us to combine Disc Energies so that we may receive more than one at a time. This Artefact is designed to intensify and potentise the Discs.

The Spacer’s intelligence and imbuement allows multiple Discs to be stacked; this allows the possibility for different combinations, intentions and Energies to be received at once. Without using a Spacer, we can only receive the Discs one at a time.

Single Spacers

The Single Spacers allow us to combine groups of Alchymeic Disc Energies, to help focus greater intention on specific areas of Transformation…

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Marque Spacers

The Marque Spacers allow us to combine large amounts of Discs for a much more intensified transformative force…

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