The Single spacers

The Single spacers are a wonderful way to begin to combine your Alchymeic Disc Energies and start to discover deeper levels of penetration, growth and transformation. They allow us to combine any Disc Energies to specify intentions for certain psychic clearing, growth and adaptation.

The Difference between the Spacers

The passage of the Single Spacers is part of the evolution and transformation of each individual. Although it’s not necessary to acquire the spacers in a particular sequience, it is important to at least begin with the ‘White Single Spacer’ or ‘Zoroastrian Spacer’ as both of these address the fundamental levels of transformation and energetic purification required before moving on to higher levels of growth and awakening.

The White Single Spacer moves to penetrate new depts of the being and help lift us back to the prior condition – the Remembrance of the ever present Divine current of Only God. The Zoroastrian Single Spacer is energetically working two aspects at once: infinitely below (the mortal life of forgetfulness), and infinitely above (where we re-awaken to the Remembrance of that which is eternal). In ‘working’ the limitation of identification with the mortal realm below, deep rooted responses that need to be released are transmuted so that our attention ceases to fall back into old adaptations and ultimately we are drawn to that which is greater, the Heart’s Remembrance of the Divine condition.

The Zoroastrian Spacer is powerfully addressing layers of density and old adaptations – structures of limitation that are no longer serving us, and forcing a level of growth within Consciousness, no longer bound to identification with these old levels of existence. In one sense the Zoroastrian Spacer is the evolution of the White Single Spacer – allowing more intensity, more force to help accelerate the process for those who are ready for such a leap.

The Golden Spacer is a whole new evolution within the Spacer technology. It is focused in the asension phase of the entire esoteric product range. Once we move beyond fundamental levels of purification, adaptation and growth, we being to open to new dimensions and layers of possible awakening previously not accessible from the conventional levels of life.

White Single Spacer

White Single Spacer

The Single Spacer is an energy ‘machine’ that intensifies and potentises the discs. When you have discs without a Spacer, you can only receive them one at a time. This Spacer configures the energies alchymeically, allowing multiple discs to be ‘stacked’ and received together.

The Radiant Realm Single Spacer comes in a white leather pouch with twelve discs. It has a gold plate on one side where your glass of water is placed and a circular inset to place discs into, on the other side. To further intensify your reception of the discs, place your hand on the gold plate while receiving a drink of the empowered water.

Discs Included With This Spacer:

  • 9 Initial Discs (See below)

  • In My Company
  • Heart’s Aflame
  • Tears Of Shiva
  • Soulfire
Zoroastrian Spacer

Zoroastrian Spacer

Bringing balance between the dark and the light. It is about the play between forgetting and Remembering within the souls of mankind; where in the awakening to Remembrance, the heart breaks open to Love and negativity has no power. There is no law for negativity. Love is the Only law. So negativity cannot persist. Ultimately negativity will be washed away.

Engaging the Zoroastrian Single Spacer moves to bring clarity, penetrating areas that have remained buried or hidden from the Light, thus allowing the capacity to stand prior to all that is less than Love; releasing doubt and separation. The Divine Heart Awakening is alive, is felt, is eternal.

“The specific design for this Zoroastrian Single Spacer is the penetration of all limitation and the portal to Divine realisation. The black of limitation and the white of Divine light, which is the portal. The penetration of one and the passage to the other.”

Discs Included With This Spacer:

  • 9 Initial Discs (See below)

  • Esoterism: The Open Secret
  • Heart of Space
  • In My Company
  • The Magnificent Obsession
  • Hermes Prophecy
Golden Spacer

Golden Spacer

This incredible new Single Spacer brings forth the current of Actualization – birthing out of the subtle into reality! It brings an actualizing force as a literal presence – the Divine Blueprint on earth. Within the creation of this Alchymeic Energy, it is as though this Actualization has not been possible until now. The Divine Blueprint is being made manifest. It’s always been there, yet hasn’t been manifest on earth before as there has been too much density. This is an absolutely necessary Energy at this time!

Discs Included With This Spacer:

  • 9 Initial Discs (See below)

  • + Ten Gold Discs:
    – Hell Freezes Over
    – Standing Here
    – The Telling Is Done
    – And So It Begins
    – Alive As Manifestation
    – The Glory Of God Is At Hand
    – Time To Drink The Holy Water
    – Riding The Wave Of Bliss
    – Hanging In The Happy Wonderland
    – With The Ease Of My Reach

The 9 Initial Discs Provided With All Single Spacers

The 9 Initial Discs are the basis, the initiating current for the Spacers, bringing the Product into alignment to receive all other Discs that may be added upon them on the Spacer. These Initial Discs are provided with the White Single Spacer, Zoroastrian Spacer and Golden Spacer, as well on all of the five Marque 6 Spacers. 

Upon each Arranging Disc is a symbol called “Heart Evolution Geometry”. This represents the flowering of the brain-mind; the opening and awakening of Prior intelligence, beyond the cramped conventional

List of 9 Initial Gold Discs:

1) Arranging 11 – 171 / 172
2) Arranging 1 – Tears of Shiva Rudraksha One
3) Arranging 172 – Cosmic Genesis
4) Arranging 168 – Soulfire
5) Arranging 5 – Missing Attributes
6) Arranging 163 – The Great Book of Nature
7) Arranging 9 – The Akashic Record
8) Arranging 6 – Self Point
9) Arranging 335 – Real Feeling

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