Temple Of Man Octahedron

This energy is intended for the utter support and awakening of these bodies as The Temple Of Man, or the awakened enlightened state whole-bodily. The gravity, the density, or entropy that exists at every level of our existence presents a severe limitation on true Spiritual development. This wonderful Octahedron stands as real support in these exhausting times…

This Octahedron is Green with a Green sphere and tubes. The energies contained in this Octahedron are as follows:

– RR Soulfire

Tube 1:
– Concoction 12, 13 & 14 – Arranging 326 (Anti-Entropy)

Tube 2:
– Arranging 233 (Lumber Buster) – Arranging 350 (Divine Nourishment) – Arranging 351 (Energy Circulation)