Become a ‘Thresholder’

The Threshold Packs are a gift beyond measure – Energy Vials of pure Alchymeic Intent, created to help purify, transform and accelerate the evolutionary process and energy in our lives in a way never seen before… now who doesn’t want that?

Hermes Far Eastern Shining provides official training on how to work with the Threshold Packs and facilitate formal sessions to others. You can become an Accredited Alchymeic Practitioner in just seven weeks. Even if you already have a Threshold Pack, this course will allow you to deepen your knowledge and experience of these wonderful Energies.

The Threshold Packs have long been revered for ‘allowing future transformation now’. Just imagine having this powerhouse of energy available to you in your sessions and appointments. No matter what modality you engage, these Tools would be a true blessing and powerful addition to what you are already doing.

The beauty of the Threshold Pack is that it offers you an opportunity to facilitate a space of real growth and understanding for others, utilising some of the most extraordinary and transformational tools available at this time. We can allow them to do the work for us, so you don’t need a PhD in Alchymie or Hermetic Gnosis… it’s all given right there in the vials!

two great reasons to become a Thresholder… 


1 – Give Formal Sessions And Help Others…

It is at this critical time in human history we need more people supporting the necessary shift in Consciousness taking place all over the world. People are waking up, spontaneously moving to begin a process of understanding and feel a deeper connection to the nature of existence. This world needs true facilitators to help this transition and the Threshold Pack is a beautiful and graceful way to do this. The Threshold Packs hold many key Energies that address the very fundamental issues people are facing at this time. They allow a greater possibility for this transition to occur in an inspiring way.

The Threshold Pack can also be used in group circumstances – the Energies can be shared with many people all at once. This is a great idea if you have any kind of regular gathering that you would like to bring energy or support to, or even just to have in the background quietly working and elevating the group dynamic. They have been used like this for many years with wonderful results.

*Here is an example of one of a First Threshold Pack Energie – Fractal Earth:

This Energy is based on Fractal Geometry. Made up of the Mandelbrot set; it is a mathematical entity of infinite extent. The distinguishing characteristic of fractals is that any piece of a fractal, when magnified has the same character as the whole.

Fractals are always repetitious, always low levels build to higher levels. Yet nevertheless, intrinsically to the pattern, there comes a moment when there is an ‘apotheosis’, a breakthrough to a new level of understanding. At this point whatever the old configuration has been, simply falls away. E.g. Once the karmic pattern is seen, it cannot continue. This Energy has many uses and is one that grows and expands as it is experienced first-hand over time. It is a powerful tool and a support to all the other Vial Energies.

Fractal Earth holds the Alchymeic Intention of ‘grounding’ the life-current right through to the centre of the earth, inviting harmony & spaciousness to overwhelm conditions of negativity and toxicity throughout the earth’s energy field. Even the intrusive presence of massive buildings and massive cities can be felt to disappear.

2 – Support Yourself And Your Family/Friends…

If giving formal sessions and facilitating transformation for others isn’t for you, then the Threshold Pack is still one of the most wondrous things you can have to use on yourself, your family and friends. These brilliant Energy Tools are designed to be used in many different ways to support every aspect of life. From the very ordinary functions of our day to day living, to the complex circumstances that surround many of the things we do, there are Vials in the Threshold Pack to support us along the way.

The wonderful Stargate Box that comes with most of the Threshold Packs, allows many of the Alchymeic Vials to be utilised and combined all at once. With no great effort, you can support all kinds of things and circumstances with different combinations of energies designed specifically for what you need.

You can also send the energies to people, places or things that are not present via the agency of the Stargate Box. This wonderful tool which allows you to send or direct the combinations of energies you have chosen to aid and support circumstances that may be some distance away. This is a special function of the Threshold Pack.

Testimonial On Using the First Threshold Pack

“When I first came in contact with this Hermetic work 14 years ago, I felt an immense desire to have the Threshold Pack. For me, to receive the Pack would be like a Divine gift. As I was feeling strongly to purchase the Threshold Pack, I received an unexpected cheque in my mail (money that I lost 10 years prior came back to me). I knew immediately that this was the funding to purchase the Threshold Pack.

When I received the Pack I felt like I was receiving a treasure chest. I remember intuitively picking the Vials and delighting in the wonder of each one – they felt as though they were from another world. They were mind blowing and much ‘bigger’ than anything else I had come across, but I surely felt them in the heart. Each day, I could not wait to have a spare moment to engage the Energies and every night, I held the Threshold pack close to me when I went to sleep.

Over the years of consistently using the Alchymeic Energies, my relationship with the Threshold Pack has developed more and more. I feel each Vial is like an awakening of something much greater, an unfoldment of the mystery. Every time, there’s a greater depth in the discovery.

As an Alchymeic Practitioner, the Threshold pack is also an integral tool that I use in the all of my sessions. It is really a wonder and a delight to witness the transformation in people in the Alchymeic sessions.

I didn’t start out knowing much about the Energies or the process of Transformation, but now I can feel a great swell of ‘knowing’ in my heart, beyond mind. It is such a relief to be at peace and one in what I do and offer to others. I love my Threshold Pack.”

Sunami Designer
Alchymeic Practitioner
NSW, Australia

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