First Threshold Pack

“The Threshold Pack is far greater than the legendary pirate’s treasure chest brimming with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and the many shiny golden artifacts. Every vial in the Threshold Pack is a wonderful particular moment of Divine communion. It is the Perfect Prayer for those who select vials with a truly open Heart and therefore with grateful reception. When we open the pack we stand on the Threshold, where if we lift our eyes just a little above the horizon, we can see the entrance into the Divine Domain and behind us all the infinite display of the cosmic realms. Each vial is a sky hook that carries us beyond our present destiny, our gravity of attachment to the earthly plane, so that we soar in wonder, in amazement, in delight, to where the Beloved holds us fast in forever. ”

Receiving The First Threshold Pack

Receiving the First Threshold Pack is about taking that first step beyond the ‘ordinary’, unillumined life to stand on the ‘threshold’ – that point where the Infinite Current touches this world. This is a step toward change, to accelerate the journey of Transformation and Heart Awakening beyond our egoic ‘self ’nature.

The First Threshold Pack contains key energies that form the foundation of all the other energies of Hermes Far Eastern Shining. In this Pack you will find ‘gems’ like Fractal Earth, Maha, Primary Heart, Nuclear Tracker and Excalibur. Energies that are also used on the Saturn Bubblers, Travelling Bubblers, and some even made as Pendants.

The Threshold Pack consists of 150 vials that are grouped according to their different qualities. The pink vials relate to the heart dimension, the ‘lower coil’ or feminine aspects, the extension of which is the world itself. The blue vials relate to the ‘upper coil’ or masculine aspects, the higher psychic/ mental realms. The coloured vials are foundation energies and assist to purify key areas of negativity and blockages. The dark plum vials are more penetrating, to help get to the core of issues and transmute density and limitations.

The First Threshold Pack is the first portal of possibility of human transformation and awakening. The first stage, or first portal, is Realising that being born into this ‘journey’ of Life requires us to pass through a process of Awakening and taking responsibility for our every action and every breath. That is, to awaken to consciously begin a journey of Realising that we are here for just a moment and that whilst we appear on the Earth plane it behoves us to participate in a transformative passage. If we are truly aligned, this may allow us to pass from this life having fully engaged it, taken full responsibility for it and demonstrated a readiness to pass knowing that in every moment we have been accountable for being a healing presence whilst alive.

The First Threshold Pack is the tool to assist the awakening to this Realisation and Remembrance that such a journey is what it is to be born and to learn how to ‘die’ in the fullness of life. The progressive portals are a continuum of this journey to the ultimate Realisation that death itself is just a passing and that we are constantly alive in eternal life and thus liberated from the density and weight of what would otherwise be a very binding existence.
The First, Second and Third Threshold Packs are the descent down to the roots of identification with the born, or karmic, condition. The energetic intention of these three packs is to assist us in the remembrance of our true condition and thus discover that we are not bound by all the implication of our ordinary life. This awakening and realisation is something that occurs over time and in time as one begins to penetrate the accumulated baggage that our mortal birth represents. In any moment, the intuition of our true condition can become obvious. To be able to live that realisation, moment to moment, is the process that these alchymeic energies are assisting us to find.