The Concoction Wands

Concoction WandsThe Concoction Wands are considered the most powerful of all of the Alchymeic Wand Energies available. They comprise combinations of other Alchymeic Energies within them.

Concoction Wand Writings

Concoction 1: Fracture to stability. The Divine Light entering through the Heart centre – emotional stablility in God.

Concoction 2: The Infinite Breath – to restore the integrity of our capacity to breathe the infinite Breath in the fullness of being.

Concoction 3: Coming to rest in the Sleep of God. Allowing the Mystery to carry us into deep peace beyond all the stress of ordinary existence.

Concoction 4: ‘Up Up And Away – Shine On’. Flying infinitely upward, onward and forward – learning to fly.

Concoction 5: Renewal and restoration to our prior condition. Renewal from the demands of the day.

Concoction 6: The Maha-Mudra Meditation. Released from all Vital Shock.

Concoction 7: Synthesis 345. The balm of brightness. Soothing, nourishing and embalming. The Radiant Divine embrace.

Concoction 8: Memory – the seventh way. Allows consciousness to be lifted to a much higher space. Breaking the impenetrable ‘ceiling’ of mind.

Concoction 9: Transforming the squeezing of the Divine Light out of the Brain Mind caused by toxicity, desire and the dream of separative life.

Concoction 10: Mind Is In Time. The dissolution of the plaque of being time bound. Concoction 11: The last drop flowering through perfect submission.

Concoction 12: Release of the culmination of projected stress and chaos from the ages of time that impacts all beings.

Concoction 13: In relation to the energetic regeneration of the gross physical vital structure – a replenishing and a reversal.

Concoction 14: Clearing thought form attack – airborne negativity and how this affects the integrity of the form.

Concoction 15 : Vision: – all Divine energies pouring into a circle, allowing the transmutation of the river of life, making it pristine.

Concoction 16: The energy of this Concoction is the force of Divine current that is uncompromising and no longer waiting for submission. There is no obstruction that it will not penetrate as the force surges through the dark. Nothing will be left untouched. The Divine is forcing its way through and any holding onto anything, or anyone, is being smithereened. There is no longer a choice that has to be made, this force is unstoppable. This is one of the most intense energies, at a time when nothing less than dissolution is acceptable. As we reach the end time of human history as we’ve known it, with this force burning through, all that is left, is light. Therefore the transformation is to light form, or perfect alignment.

Concoction 17: At a micro level, the Divine current moves through the structure, initiated by the seed of the Octahedron, repairing or restoring the structure to withstand the intensity and allow the Light Form to enter.

Concoction 18: Renewal and restructuring of the Iron River Current of life. Vision: tubes of light appeared and a machine of light created itself to allow new levels of conductivity.

Concoction 19: Cleaning pathways and strengthening inner structures of the Iron River Current to allow the Divine’s emergence into this plane of existence, or the Temple Of Man.

Concoction 20: This Energy is a ‘firing up!’ Giving an inner strength and charge, to allow the form to pass through this Fire of Transformation – this Alchymie of Hermetic outcome. Vision: Light beings appearing and evolving.