‘Clown Burst’

“People are often heard to exclaim, “We are all Divine Beings!” So what is all the fuss about? The one who is speaking is an egoic being. The one who is speaking in this way is a ‘clown’ trying to feel better about themselves. A ‘clown’ is an individual animating an ‘absurd’ character. Making affirmations without Realisation is a geeky weirding. Trying to induce a trance state, wherein the body, therefore functional life is cut away. The statement, “We are all Divine beings!” is totally ignorant of the fact that all this apparent multiplicity is an illusion. A masterful dipping into the ‘magic hat of mind’ and pulling out grinning clowns and when this reaches five billion such illusions, this is a dreadful ‘clown burst’, like a cloud burst overwhelming us in flood. 

The statement, “We are all Divine beings!” is the Truth of us and is a Very Great Realisation discovered at last in the awakening to Very Consciousness on the right side of the Heart relative to the body. The usual ‘clown’ in speaking of this great matter, comes from the middle of the heart or the stuff that dreams are made of, untested by the demands of waking consciousness on the left side of the heart. Untested by true functional life surrendered into the ‘Mystery of existence’ that stands prior to all the jabbering of all the ‘clowns’ everywhere and everywhen.

The Alchymist – Jessa O’My Heart

The Alchymist – Jessa O’My Heart

Jessa is the ‘Alchymist’ and the primary creator of the Alchymie. His work and pure dedication has been to allow as many beings as possible the opportunity to awaken ‘in place’ – in the present moment, wherever they were – with no need to ‘retreat’ from the world to dedicate ones life on spiritual growth, as has been within many of the great traditions. His teaching has always been that is that the ‘ordinary life’ provided enough ‘heat’ or ‘tapas’ required to turn this primitive condition of the human, into Divine Being. Utlising the principles of ancient Alchymie, combined with his own awakened Divine condition, his work brings to the world an opportunity for mass awakening, which has not been seen before.

The greatest writing about his life is the foreword to his only book ‘The Will Of God’. Here is an excerpt from that writing.

“…Driven by the desire to bring a healing touch to every heart and its wounded-ness, more Hermetic language was developed. He worked day and night, unable to stop. Every person who he came into contact with represented another aspect of the whole. “As Above, So Below” is the basis of Hermetic Science – the infinitely small and the infinitely large are the reflection of the One. It is where duality dissolves – where all separation comes to an end and only the Divine stands out. It is a restoration to the living heart. It is the form of reality, all there is to know when all-knowing dissolves in the awakening of Love Itself. It is Jessa O’My Heart’s own awakened State and where all he touches in love are invited to be. Jessa’s journey within consciousness is an ‘arrow’ of one-pointedness to have every area of existence touched by light…” – Showme Showers Heaven’s Bliss

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