Welcome to August! August is the birth month of the Hermetic Work and is one of the most significant periods within the Hermetic Year. Traditionally, this time is marked with a month long period of celebration, immersion and energy work – taking time to reflect upon the transformative opportunities that have been granted to us via the agency and wonder of these wondrous Alchymeic Products in our lives.

August is also a time to come together to celebrate Real Community – the Unity of beings all over the world making a commitment to transformation, growth and change. It is a month of making time for ‘relational’ life – relating to each other in moments of nourishment, energy work and support – gathering wherever possible in heartfelt happy play!

Within this celebratory period, August also grants us the contemplation of our true polarity – the inclusion of both the Male & Female awakened dispositions. It is a time to contemplate and work with the Alchymeic Energies given to awaken the highest aspects of both the male and female  – allowing the awakening of real relationship. As Above, So Below.

We will be sharing as much as we can with you about the Alchymeic Process, basic practices and communications throughout August. We hope you have an enjoyable, happy passage through this month, feeling the Unity and support of all beings waking up and starting to move in true feeling and happiness.

When the Hermetic Year August Wand Energy was created, A Divine Vision Appeared…
‘Held within the August Energy is Communing with the Infinite Divine Dance where the polarised opposites are now transcended in a unified current of Love Bliss where both polarities are incorporated within the one form. This true awakened state is what is held within the month of August. Both the Alchymist and the Philosopher’s Stone have unified in the expression of whole-bodied Enlightenment. The happy play of Divine Incarnating Form where all is forgotten and only the Present Moment is alive as the Infinite Current of Bliss.’

Recommended Alchymeic Energies To Engage Throughout August:

– 1431 Wand

– ‘A Few Good Men & Women’ Threshold Pack

– Upper & Lower Coil Vial

- Polarisation (1st Threshold Pack Vial and Wand)

– Earth Plane Polarisation (Disc)

– The Eternal Spire Of Sound And Light (Wand)

- Pink & Blue Beloved – (Vials/Discs)

Energy House:

Anthropocosmic Man Energy House


The Risen Light Pendant Personal Pendant
Tears Of Shiva Pendant

Marque 5 Spacer
A Few Good Men & Women Vial Pack 5th Threshold Pack
The Sacred Body Of Man Bubbler



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