Hermetic Response To The Australian Bushfires Crisis


A Time For Esoteric Action!
We are calling all Hermetic energy-workers and friends using the Alchymie worldwide to join us now in prayer vigil, meditation and an outpouring of healing force. We need help to shift, purify and transform the devastating circumstance Australia is facing right now. Many have been in vigil with us over the past weeks and we are reaching out to all who know our work and are able to join in. You may feel a little helpless at times witnessing such crisis unfolding around the world. However, what we do in our prayer, heart feeling and offering of esoteric-energy support DOES make a difference!
We are calling everyone to begin this worldwide Hermetic Vigil now – to engage the Alchymie in their daily meditation, invoking real transformation and change. Now is the time to be the ‘Esoteric Solution’ – the whole-body prayer that shifts the karmic destiny of all that we are witnessing before us. 
There are a variety of ways you can join in with us and the Alchymie.

Engaging The Heart Of Space & Bubblers

If you have a Bubbler or a Heart Of Space, now is the time to be engaging these wondrous Alchymeic Energies and invoking their presence as a healing and transformative force.
The Bubblers are the most significant Alchyemic response to the earth and its healing at this time! They are a true blessing and miraculous esoteric technology. All we need to do is know how to engage, invoke and feel them! There are many Bubblers around the world, including in all of the states of Australia where the fires are having the most impact. Meditating with a Bubbler or tuning into one, calling forth their presence, is a really special, powerful and effective addition to your meditation and energy work.
*If You have a Bubbler or a Heart Of Space, we also urge you to organise some gatherings and share the Alchymie with as many people as possible now. Group meditations with the Bubblers are often very effective and powerful.

Do You Have A Stargate Box?

The Alchymie Stargate Boxes and combined with Wands and Vials are amongst the most powerful way to share the Energies with others, bring healing to specific situations.
Using the Stargate Box is a really great way to support this entire situation. For those who have this wonderful Alchymeic tool, now is the time to begin to engage it with real heart intention!
There are also a variety of Alchymeic Wands, Vials and Discs that have been created over the years specifically for environmental issues, healing for trauma etc… Here are just a few. (Click here to – read about the special Environmental Energies on ALL of the Bubblers worldwide).
– Rainmaker wizard                    – Drought daemon Wizard
– Cosmic Rain                            – Catch me on a cool day
– Wellspring arr289                    – Logan’s run
– Angel of Despair                       – Angel of Deliverance 
– Angel of Mercy                        – Unknown angels
– Antarctic polar vortex elixir       – Melting ice
– Weather extreme                    – Water
– Transmuting in the Fire            – Balance arr 309
– Noah Arks                                – Archangel Ariel
– Daemon Shaping                    – Leviathan 
– Angel of Grief                        – Angel of courage 
– Holy Warrior                             – Concoction 6
– Politics of Experience
Do  you have ‘Angel Wands’? The Angels are an incredible way to bring love, support and healing to any situation.


Join Us In Prayer
This Friday (AEST), we will be holding a free worldwide prayer gathering on webinar.
For all those who can join us, we’d love to have as many of them there as possible.