This new Alchymeic Energy has been revealed to be of great esoteric significance at this time.

Seen as points or cavities created in the gross physical, that appeared to be the result of negative matters – either external projections or internal reactions. These cavities become a manifestation of portals, holding in their hiddenness or unconsciousness, accumulated dross that can ultimately manifest as dis-ease in the gross physical – like dark holes in the universe of the bodily form. 

At this time of transitioning from the dark epoch to the age of Light, there is a possibility of shifting these concretised accumulated patterns.

Dark Epoch – very solid, concretised age driven by the ‘out of balance’ male controlling mind. This epoch of judgment, suppression, violence, has lead to, particularly for the feminine, a period of immense woundedness, hiddenness, struggle, unworthiness and all of the accumulation and consequence of the imbalance of mind over heart.

Age Of Light – this Enlightening epoch which has only just begun, serves to break up all the accumulated patterning and suffering that has been hidden for lifetimes. Most of which has remained in the unconscious/sub-conscious worlds. As the Light begins to permeate and break up these corridors of mindedness, the feminine is resurrected to Conscious Light and the balance of the feminine, or feeling dimension, begins to be made manifest once again. 

The deep healing of old accumulated patterning is particularly synchronistic to the portal of this the ‘Dark Moon Lilith’ astrological manifestation. It comes at an auspicious time, obviously already ordained. Only now is the earth plane and humanity en-mass beginning to allow, male or female, the renewal of their intuitive gnosis – thus awakening the balance where the Heart intelligence or the feminine, and the dissolution of separative projection, begins to take hold. 

With the Light being allowed as a whole-body current felt at a cellular level, the hidden dark brewing manifestations have the potential of being transmuted. Light bursts deeply into these previous untouchable spaces. It’s not necessary to understand the depth of the wound as Light is all powerful and simply dissolves the hidden crevices.

“…Lilith was a powerful, beautiful feminine Goddess who was murdered and relegated to the hellish realm by the male mind and old Christian leaders because she would not cooperate with her abusive and controlling husband. She works from these hellish realms to heal and transform these wrongs to the Sacred Feminine…”

Its time for Lilith to be released!