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Jessa O’My Heart’s entire life has been dedicated to the process of understanding. His birth was for the sake of penetrating the vision and identification to mortal life. He was driven by the impulse to discover the nature of existence and thus to awaken beyond the dream of the usual or conventional form that this worldly realm alludes to be. It is in the true spirit of this statement that we share this article – to help all those who are ready to hear tru ecstatic communication and to be awakened to the Heart, beyond all mind and so called ‘knowledge’.

Those of us who love and recognise the author’s ecstatic understanding of the nature of existence have gathered and presented his writings in a book called ‘The Will Of God Is The Obligation To Love”. These articles are given for the enjoyment of those who read with an open mind and heart, in the hope that they are found to be inspiring and illuminating. Click here to acquire a copy of Jessa’s book ‘The Will Of God Is The Obligation To Love”.

To The Reader, From The Author:
“I do not write for any common reader; I write for the God that lives us all. Everyone is considered, but in the end, I  m writing for the God that lives as everyone. This God comprehends all. The common reader does not exist: There is no such being. All articles, so called, are Divine inspiration.”
Jessa O’My Heart

Blessedness is the Way to Halt the Tears of Shiva

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‘Blessedness is the Way to Halt the Tears of Shiva’

By Jessa O’My Heart – The Alchymist

“The Tears of Shiva are for the fall from grace. Tears are reflecting the nature of the world in its disgrace. They are about all the disease of the total world condition in its present form – nothing is held sacred, everything is fouled. The foul touch is the opposite of the hermetic touch. q.v The Hermes Prophecy.

In the treatment of disease phenomena the ancient shamans (medicine men and women) admitted a dimension of existence as the cause or source of disease much greater than the gross phenomenal world of modern medical science. The shamans saw a dark and foreboding world populated by many spirits possessed mostly by evil intent as often the source of any given disease condition. A diseased individual was seen as being possessed by some ‘spirit’ or ‘elemental’ force, the removal of which was the way to a ‘cure’. To ameliorate the ravages of the ensuing symptoms of spirit possession a number of herbs would be used. This nether world of the shaman was not merely some fanciful imaginings, enlarged into a vast cosmology of implication, but a dimension felt and seen by competent practitioners. The shaman’s nether world has the same ontological status as the present world we perceive and know.

The shaman himself has succumbed to the power of changing times and has been reduced by the present ‘gods’ of creation to a pathetic ‘sham’. There are many aspects to the shaman’s demise as a healing presence, not the least of which is the frustrating difficulty of finding enough, or any individuals, to fulfil the role of ‘healer’, as a competent practitioner of the ‘art’. Being a shaman is not truly something that can be simply taught, unlike medical science, as it involved a level of evolutionary development seen only rarely as the highest levels of the ‘art’. The ‘true’ shaman was a formidable presence, very ‘scary’ to the weak invading spirit. With the shaman often came a wondrous collection of subtle machinery and a number of allies to assist him. At the lowest level the ‘art’ was simply (for the most part) that of being a herbalist, however great that might be.

The world of the shaman was the ancient earth cultures extant in some form, as much of the third world. The ancient earth cultures are characterised by an acceptance of things as they are, a dependent condition where we are made to suffer the whims of nature to deliver ‘good’ or ‘bad’ times. The earth cultures belong to the childhood of man, where the individual is an essentially dependent personality locked into fearful beliefs about the nature of the world. Most of these primitive cultures developed religious practices that were largely attempts to appease the capricious gods, or spirits, that were apparently in charge of the essentials of life. No doubt such spirit personae exist, but like earthly dictators, they owe their power to the fear-based ignorance of childish individuals who have failed to be responsible for creative control over their destiny. Where there is a vacuum many wait to enter therein.

At some point in our history, perhaps at the time of King David, a decision was made to abandon the realm of psychisims, characterised by the shaman and the old earth cultures, because ostensibly they had failed to shake off the whims of nature. The choice was being made for perfect creative control in the form of left brain functional intelligence. As it turns out, it remains merely perfect control, the ‘creative’ element not yet adapted to. In this pursuit of ‘control’ the shaman and his world were made anathema, to be hunted down and destroyed, crying ‘Sham! Sham!’. The impulse towards control was no doubt noble, and certainly came from beyond the human race, but to date we are all caught up in a mishmash of ancient earth children, lost in the unconscious and the burning power-seeking adolescent of the west; power over all, including nature. Many, seeing all the ills abroad in the land, bleat and beat the drum of a return to noble savagery, the earth culture, when everything was better and with a bit of luck God stayed in heaven and all was right with the world. The trouble with this position was what was hidden in the structure of the ‘savage innocent’ that had yet to fully manifest: the ‘dark side’ on the massive scale that we have seen throughout the twentieth century. In any case the ancient world as somehow ‘innocent’ and ‘wonderful’ is a big sell, by any number of illusionists seeking aggrandisement and profit.

There is a way beyond and forward, away from the feelings of sorrowful abandonment of childhood and angry feelings of the separate adolescent search for acknowledgement and power. This is the yet to arise adult phase of this human development, a submission to higher levels of adaptation, of transcendence of self. This higher adaptation leaves behind the reactive cultures of the child and the adolescent making way for a culture grounded in Divine inspiration. The presence of the hermetic touch is as a mid-wifing power, great and fierce, intent on bringing about this higher adaptation in sufficient numbers of individuals to begin anew.

So, at last, neither the ancient shaman, nor the adolescent medical practitioner are clear about the nature of disease, both are focused on the symptoms as the source. The shaman admits of both subtle and gross causes, whereas the medical practitioner is certain that everything can be reduced to some gross condition, some chemistry, some virus, some molecule; of this he is perfectly certain. The world (from this scientific viewpoint) is a vast array of gross malevolence, hell-bent on the ‘attack’ of the adolescent monad. The shaman no doubt gave obeisance to some clutch of elder gods remaining forever dependent upon their capricious and vengeful nature. The medical practitioner may mention God in passing, but only in the guise of pseudo-neurotic schizophrenic religions of the modern day world. At its base, modern day medical practice, in its ignorance, is essentially atheistic.

So, after all of this, what is the source of disease, degradation and suffering? Is it just bad luck? Is it someone having a go at us? Well, maybe. Most of us arrive in this place because of some super ‘physics’ set in motion by our identification with a field of mysterious sympathies for conditions that stand outside the heart or are less than love. In its most simplest form we are drawn unconsciously to the rhythm of the heartbeat. In our unconsciousness this rhythm is life to us, with it we are ‘alive’, without it we are ‘dead’. We cling to this desire endlessly, we are totally possessed by it and at last totally degraded by it: “The rhythm of life is a powerful beat…” Falling into the disposition of mere sympathy, we are present as a presumed centre, a vortex of attraction for both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ destiny.

The world or cosmos is a lawful place, there are consequences to actions here, unlike the dream or subtle state. The world as it appears to be easily beguiles the ignorant and arrogant, and like most new kids on the block, they are quickly buried up to their proverbials in consequences, even believing their terrible position to be simply life, normal, just the way it is, failing to see the enormous poverty of human existence, the suffering even in the so-called positive or what seem to be enjoyable aspects of life. Our actions as the unconscious disposition, degrade us and degrade the world. When we see this operating on the scale of billions of human beings we see a virtual hell arising here, where everything is degraded absolutely, where nothing sacred is any longer acknowledged and only devilish personae are abroad in the land. In the disposition of the attractive centre, we are an activity of attraction and revulsion. We are this kind of accumulative mindedness. We are a vortex going under with the weight of our own accumulations. We are a desperation and a violence as we move, fitfully trying to resurrect our pleasures and stave off our demise.

In contrast to this suffering, the law stands quite boldly in everything that passes, and since everything passes, nothing can be clung to, all must be yielded. The law, is the law of sacrifice. The mind is an activity of humourless clinging, the serious ‘mortal’ consciousness of the usual man or woman. The vision of the gravestone over a grave, the fusion of epitaph and face. What passes is not real and as we cling to what is not real we enact a fall from grace and we offend the law. Grace is that Divine possession that we invite into ‘our life’ that begins to undo our offence against the law. Abiding in the disposition of grace by engaging the sacrificial process we begin to recognise a vast and wonderful shift in our feeling and circumstance. We begin to literally see the Divine creating the circumstances of ‘our life’.

Grace is the condition wherein we persist in the theatre of our undoing in God. In the fall from grace, as we see today, there is an almost irretrievable decent into a hellish condition of degradation. In disgrace, the human race is carrion, attracting all manner of evil that comes to feed and also promote further degradation and suffering. The source of this degradation and suffering is therefore the fall from grace that our loveless activity amounts to in its defence against the law of sacrifice. Where the fall is legion, the entire cosmos becomes a realm of unique suffering that awaits the naive intrepid adventurers; a ‘teething tide that mounts to carry them away’.

The way beyond this fall from grace, these Tears of Shiva, this degradation, this suffering, is to be aligned to the law in grace thus allowing Divine purification, Divine healing, Divine transformation. The time has come to where God is calling a halt to all this repetition, to the Tears of Shiva. The hand still holds forth to be grasped; “There may yet be time” so “come to the heart”.

Jessa O’My Heart

Important Disclaimer: The author makes no claim about the contents of his articles, nor intends for his articles or any part of them to be or to constitute diagnosis or treatment for any condition, whether physical or otherwise. You, the reader, are responsible for your own health, whether by way of action or in-action, as well as your other actions, beliefs, social and spiritual decisions. If you need help with your health, please seek advice from appropriate qualified professionals.

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