With the global concern arising around the corona virus situation, we want to remind everyone of a very special Alchymeic Energy that was made in response to all of these matters that we face as the human race – Concoction 14.

In Esoteric terms, the ‘energy’ response to any given situation is always about addressing the true ‘cause’ of things. We are never dealing with the physical ’symptoms’ of any given situation. Treat the root cause and everything else will follow. Therefore Concoction 14 Energy has long been heralded amongst many energy workers all over the world as a profound gift to address the underlying ‘cause’ of why certain viruses manifest at certain times. The karmic causes are always many and varied  considering the complexity and circumstances of each human on the planet. Concoction 14 Energy is designed to respond perfectly to each individual, where they are at and what they need energetically.

Concoction 14 Energy has undergone many evolutionary leaps since it was created 10 years ago. It has now been intensified again to address this new development.

The current held within this Concoction Energy is specifically to purify the intensification of ‘floating thought form’s, airborne negativity’ and ‘alien projections’ that are emanating at a global level. These can be seen in psychic vision as floating through the air creating disturbances to the equanimity and the integrity of our human,
vital structure.

For those who have an appreciation for esoteric energy work, Concoction 14 Alchymie Energy is the perfect response to all aspects of this current situation – all that humanity as a whole is passing through presently,
and on into the future.


Over the past 30 years, thousands of Alchymeic Energies have been created to help support the growth and transformation of beings all over the world. A vast amount of these amazing esoteric Energies were ‘combined’ to form a series of special Energies called ‘Arranging’ Energies (380 such Arranging Energies exist to-date). Finally, a series of super special Concoction Wand Energies were developed around certain areas of transformation and growth, each one containing within its ‘esoteric form’, a group of ‘Arranging Energies’. Thus the Concoction Wands are amongst the most potent and important Alchymeic Energies available today – containing hundreds of Alchymeic Energies to focus on specific areas of transformation and awakening of the human condition. (*There are currently only 20 Concoction Wand Energies available.)


Here is an important esoteric consideration written for another Alchymeic Energy called ‘Horizons Churning Gold’. This can help us begin to understand the holistic levels of what is going on and why. Remember, it is important when dealing with ‘energy work’ and the ‘esoteric principles’, to realise that ‘everything is energy’. This is the foundation of all great spiritual traditions and of course ‘esotericism’. As serious and scary as these things are when they happen, it is really important for us as evolving beings to continue to look deeper to the causes of outcomes, and not just get caught up in treating the symptoms. Wonderful scientific advances have been made that have prolonged human life through medicine. However, from the esoteric point of view, greater growth lies in penetrating the causes of things – thus allowing deeper understanding of the holistic condition and not just the physical reality.
Horizon’s Churning Gold
Viruses and bacteria are thought to be the causes of disease, however they are merely symptoms. The cause of diseases is an inbuilt propensity or encoding within the living structure that draws not only the viral and bacterial infection to an individual, but also the chaos of the usual life in the form of dreadful accidents and intended violence…. This is a Gracious gift of relief from karmas, offered in the form of the drink, Horizon’s Churning Gold.


For us to understand the true nature of karma and how the the laws of attraction work in both positive and negative conditions, here is an excerpt from an article called ‘Blessedness Is The Way To Halt The Tears Of Shiva’, (*written by the Alchymist).

“….The world or cosmos is a lawful ‘place’, there are consequences to actions here, unlike the dream or subtle state. The world as it appears to be, easily beguiles the ignorant and arrogant, and like most ‘new kids’ on the block, they are quickly buried up to their proverbials in consequences, even believing their terrible position to be simply ‘life’, normal, just the way it is, failing to see the enormous poverty of human existence, the suffering even in the so-called ‘positive’ or what seems to be enjoyable aspects of life. Our actions as the unconscious disposition, degrades us and degrades the world. When we see this operating on the scale of billions of human beings we see a virtual hell arising here, where everything is degraded absolutely, where nothing sacred is any longer acknowledged and only devilish personas are abroad in the land. In the disposition of the attractive centre, we are an activity of attraction and revulsion. We are this kind of accumulative mindedness. We are a vortex going under with the weight of our own accumulations.We are a desperation and a violence as we move fitfully trying to resurrect our pleasures and stave off our demise….”

“…The way beyond this degradation, this suffering, is to be aligned to the Law in Grace thus allowing Divine Purification, Divine Healing, Divine Transformation….”


Here is an article which helps unlock the greater mysteries of esotericism and the intelligence of our ‘intuitive heart’.

“Esoteric is impossible to define. Esoteric is simply not accessible by the usual mind. It is an open secret, because there are no eyes to see, no ears to hear. Everything is ensconced within the rational degeneration of reason, wherein we are unable to see that all of this that appears to be – the world, the universe – is the projection that is our own radiance. There is no universal discourse wherein we can speak to the usual man or woman. The esoteric requires an unfathomable new form of communication, where we are dealing with the essence of things and not the mere appearance of things. The esoteric essence of all phenomena is apparent to synthesis intelligence, which completely confounds the cerebral intelligence of the usual man or woman. Everything is seen, apparently, but everything remains shrouded in an unfathomable mystery. We are unable to merely pull aside a curtain of obscurity. This cerebral mind is at war with the heart of Truth. For the heart, the world of the cerebral mind does not exist. For the cerebral mind the world of the heart does not exist. Hence the world of the cerebral mind is the fulfilment of the Hermes Prophecy, where those who stand as the heart are condemned as madmen and fools and all that is abroad in the land is an ever-descending evil. Nevertheless there will come a time when the heart’s Truth is the master of this domain.”
Written By The Alchymist – Jessa O’My Heart