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Statements & Disclaimers

It is important to us that people clearly understand the true nature of the Alchymie, the Artefacts and teachings we offer. Here are some statements to help guide you. If you have any further questions about the Alchymeic Products and their use, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or one of our authorised Hermes Distributors.

Esoteric Outcomes

Considering the transformative possibilities of the Alchymeic Energies described, the outcome following their use always remains to be seen. We initiate the ‘touch of the hand of God’ with the Divine instruments of Hermes Far Eastern Shining. How anyone may respond to that ‘touch’ is an unfathomable mystery and a matter of God’s business. If one-hundred individuals in ‘need’ use the Alchymie, and subsequently all one-hundred are no longer in ‘need’, we cannot say anything on this basis about the one-hundred and first person, since it is always a matter of outcomes being in the hands of the Divine.

If any have experienced remarkable help from the Alchymeic Artifacts, then it must be understood that anyone can experience such a remarkable result. The limitation is not in the Alchymie, the limitation is in the reception.

Product & Services Disclaimer

Hermes Far Eastern Shining believes that it is important for people to understand what it is that we offer before engaging our products or services:

1. The products and services of Hermes Far Eastern Shining are intended to be used as a support to your spiritual practice. This can be an intense and revealing experience and is only for those who desire personal transformation and growth.

2. We make no medical or psychological treatment claims whatsoever. If you suffer or believe you suffer from a medical or psychological condition; see your doctor.

3. What we offer has no scientific backing, evidence or support. It is a wholly ‘esoteric’ matter, completely outside of conventional scientific understanding. There are no scientific verifications for our work. Hermes Far Eastern Shining does not claim and will not claim that conventional worldviews provide any support for our work.

4. Our services do not provide financial, accounting, legal or investment advice, nor is there any promise or assurance through the use of our products of being able to make money or receive anything without working for it and earning it. Furthermore it is not a pyramid or network marketing scheme. If you are looking for this and promises of great easy wealth, we would respectfully invite you to look elsewhere.

5. When you choose to work with our products, any results that you may experience cannot be anticipated and they may not be readily observable. Any results are up to the Divine and how well you understand and apply what is presented.

6. Some people do report many things to us – some of them truly inspiring things – but we want you to be clear that this is a matter between you and the Divine and that we are not interested in persuading anyone or suggesting that this will be your experience.

7. Many things may arise for you as you use the products. At all times you should be responsible for yourself and your actions.

8. By choosing to purchase our products you have indicated that you have the financial resources to pay for them and believe that they may be of interest and assistance to you.

9. Hermes Far Eastern Shining reserves the right to refuse the offering of products or services to any person whom it determines unsuitable.

10. All products and materials are copyright of Hermes Far Eastern Shining unless otherwise indicated and acknowledged. You must not use any such materials without permission from Hermes Far Eastern Shining.

11. You must not make any claims concerning the products and services or purport to represent Hermes Far Eastern Shining or the views of Hermes Far Eastern Shining.

12. These products, and any statements made about these products by the developers, makers, or distributors of these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (or other government agency). None of these products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

13. Hermes Far Eastern Shining believes in and stands behind the products we offer. We believe that they are a true blessing. We sincerely hope that you will consider your participation in the true spirit of what we offer: A pure and simple invitation to discover happiness and freedom in the esoteric truth of all.

Alchymie, Drug Use & Cultural MisAppropriation

We understand that in some cultures, certain herbs and plants are used to heal and stimulate higher spiritual experiences. Although we respect peoples choices, we must make it clear that this Hermetic work is not a part of these traditions. The Alchymeic Artefacts and their true purpose stand ‘prior’ to all ‘experiences’ one might have while in an altered state. What people do in their own time is entirely up to them. We don’t endorse the use of drugs in conjunction with the Alchymeic Artefacts.

Unfortunately, it has become ‘trendy’ and ‘hip’ within new-age circles, particularly in the West, to resort to substances such as Ayahuasca and DMT to stimulate altered states in search of higher spiritual experiences. We feel that it is fundamentally disrespectful to appropriate other culture’s ancient and sacred spiritual medicines in any casual way. The great indigenous cultures of the world have utilised plant medicines as part of their traditions for thousands of years. Everything has its correct time and place. These substances belong to the ancient, indigenous cultures of the world and should be treated with utmost respect and understanding.

People have reported that the Alchymie has helped them energetically deal with addiction. We are grateful to hear this feedback. But please understand, the true function of the Alchymie is to restore people to their ‘True Heart’, the ‘True Self’, beyond all seeking, desiring or need for experience. Therefore, the Alchymeic Energies are ultimately drawing all beyond the need for any ‘experience’ whatsoever. These Alchymeic Artefacts are an inspiration to ‘awaken’ to the Heart of Truth, where all seeking dissolves and Only God stands out. May it be so.

Using The Alchymie In The True Spirit - (are you ready for 'real change'?)

It is typical of people in these times to want the consequences of their activities removed, i.e. aches, pains, weight, etc., but having no desire to actually change. This recalcitrant attitude has us seeking a solution to all our ills, while still enjoying the source of the ills. “Ahh yes! Give me a pill, let someone else do it for me.” The power of this Alchymie seems to be an immediate doorway into a laissé faire attitude. However, whilst the Energies do not change in their intensity, this kind of use, not in the true spirit, reduces the receptivity of an individual. Therefore, the true spirit of how to use the Energies is a desire to yield up that imbalancing act that offends the law in this ‘realm’. This law is the law of love or the law of sacrifice, and offense of the law of sacrifice leads to degradation of human existence.

The esoteric power of these Alchymeic Artefacts is very great, but it ultimately depends on the Real responsibility of an individual for their existence in this ‘place’. We need to recognise that the True form here is love and service of all apparent beings, including all wall and floor beings, i.e. the totality of our environment is the ‘place’ of our loving and this also includes our own form not essentially differentiable from any other form.

A Warning Guarding The Integrity Of The Alchymie

A statement by the Alchymist about guarding the integrity of the ALchymeic Products

“A warning coming from Hermes Far Eastern Shining to all pretenders, guarding our Product.

These days, many pretenders to the title ‘Alchemist’ abound, but let us say, we believe they are pretenders. At best, they operate from the subtle dimension, whereas Hermes Far Eastern Shining’s Products operate from the Divine Source Condition. It is important that we reveal these pretenders, otherwise, they can become misleading. So this statement is in the interest of seeing that no forgeries of our Product can slip by, pretending to be the genuine article.

What appeals to the ego, promise of subtle powers and manipulation etc, does not please God. The ego’s desire to attain aspects, such as subtle powers sparks from the end of fingers, spoon-bending or any such declarations should be shunned!

The Alchymeic Force at the Heart of Hermes Far Eastern Shining is an Omnipresent Consciousness which cannot ultimately be scammed by any mean spirited hungry ghost. Further, heed this warning – this Mission is about God and all is seen and all is known. The impulse to cheat or steal, therefore, merely intensifies an individual’s gravity and it is this gravity that draws all into unending chaos. So be it.” – Jessa O’My Heart

The Alchymie Is Not About Healing The Body

A statement by the Alchymist about ‘healing’.

“Hermes Far Eastern Shining exists in many ways to communicate the good news of Happiness only, but that is not easy to do. “What have I got to be happy about?” might be a common response. That is a wrong way of thinking about it. Happiness is unreasonable, not something you can bestow upon yourself. It is not even worthy of a ‘hooray’. It simply IS the form of reality and requires no exclamation.

Many of the products of Hermes Far Eastern Shining have arisen to address the terrible suffering in this place, so that this suffering, in whatever form it takes, can be put aside and the great matters of this life can be dealt with. It is like putting a train back on it’s railroad tracks. We hope that such a one then gives their life over to seriously embrace real growth and evolution into the Happiness that is Only God. The testing circumstances may continue, but in perfect alignment to the Divine, there is a way given to transcend all these circumstances.

The raison detre of Hermes Far Eastern Shining is the celebration of Love… Thus, the focus of the Hermes products is not on healing the body, but on restoring the whole being to remembrance of the Divine, which is happiness, which is love, and which transcends all the myriad forms of suffering in this world. If people report they can feel some shift and transformation in the body, this may be so because the body reflects transformations that occur spiritually.

These Esoteric Energies deal with the causal and subtle dimensions, which are superior to the gross-vital. The causal is superior to the subtle, which is superior to the gross-vital. The energies of Hermes Far Eastern Shining do not deal directly with the body at all. The body is the past, a reflection of the sum total of our karmic tendencies. An explanation of this is really impossible as we have no universal discourse to communicate these matters, so we are “dumb to tell the hanging man that in his shroud the same worm twists” (Dylan Thomas). We are talking about a vast education required as well as levels of evolution. Whatever you manage to bring out verbally in terms of explanation will not be equivalent to perfect reception and comprehension, therefore. You might as well ‘talk in tongues’. It would seem an explanation is an exercise in futility, no matter what you would seem to have achieved.”

Jessa O’My Heart – the Alchymist of Hermes Far Eastern Shining

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